5 Tips for Buying your First Snowboard – Snowboard Gear Tips

What’s up guys? This is Kevin from SnowboardProCamp.com. In this video I’ve got five tips for buying your first snowboard. The first tip is the type a snowboard you should buy is an all-mountain regular camber snowboard. All mountain basically means that the snowboard is going to be good in Continue Reading


Where are we going? Snowworld, Landgraaf What are we going to do there? Sowboarding, skiing Landgraaf, we have arrived! This is the Jones Twin Sister, the first one I ‘m trying today Not my thing It’s not my thing For me the Camber could be a little bit more Gonna Continue Reading

How to BUY INLINE SKATES – Beginner’s Guide #1

How to choose inline skates – for beginners From these four skates, in my opinion, there’s only one that’s not suitable for beginners. Look at the orange one. It has a really long frame. That’s good for speed but requires skill to control. Therefore I do not recommend this one. Continue Reading

5 Things All hockey players should know about skates before buying

Hey guys Chris from Hockey Tutorial here and today in this video we’re going to be taking a look at five things that every single hockey player should know about hockey skates before they buy now whether you’re new to the game when you’re buying your first pair or you’ve Continue Reading

What 1$ Can Buy You Around The World!

From an entire meal to three pairs of sandals, here is how much $1 can get you around the world 13.) Hungary Hungary is known to be one of the cheapest travel destinations in the world. You can get a hotel room for as little as $14, a liter of Continue Reading

How to Buy a Horse Saddle

How to Buy a Horse Saddle. Buying a saddle for your horse is next in importance only to buying the horse. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind. You will need Saddle types Construction material Used or new saddle Proper fit Experienced horseperson (optional) and return policy (optional). Step Continue Reading

Find Your Boot “Sole-Mate”

Contrary to the popular song, not all boots are made for walking. Nowadays, boots are specifically designed to provide the comfort and support you need while enjoying the activities you love the most. There are hiking boots, riding boots, rain boots, and even ice fishing boots. When it’s time to Continue Reading

How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop

How to Buy a Horse Riding Crop. Horse riding whips and crops are designed for a variety of purposes, including show jumping, dressage, cross-country, hacking, schooling and polo. Here are some guidelines for choosing a perfect fit. You will need Horse Crop Dressage whip Lunge whip and jockey whip. Step Continue Reading