Hiking in Mykolaiv

A man is created to move. When we live in the city, we take a bus, go down to the metro, catch a taxi. We stay in the office most of our day. We do not use our muscles. We do not prepare our heart… for what we can feel Continue Reading

Wilderness Hike, Death Valley

[birds chirping] Class is over Spring break is officially beginning I just woke up, I’m late to my meeting, I’m walking the wrong way. I’m about to meet everyone, I feel really bad because my alarm didn’t go off Up, there they are Good morning! I’m really excited for Death Continue Reading

Hiking Death Valley National Park – Gower Gulch to Golden Canyon Loop

good morning from Death Valley National Park Julie and I are here at Zabriskie point trailhead I’m going to turn around its kind of windy it’s about 8:30 on April 9th 2018 today we’re going to try and do the Golden Canyon and Gower Gulch loop it’s really windy so Continue Reading

A Week in Norway The Vidden Hike (Ulriken to Fløyen)

Bergen is known as the city of seven mountains. It looks like no one knows exactly which mountains are included in this mountain group. It definitely includes the largest four: Ulriken, which is the highest, Fløyen, Løvstakken and Damsgårdsfjellet. In this TranslatorsCafe.com Channel video I will tell about the Vidden Continue Reading

5 Mistakes Beginner Backpackers Make

Hey y’all! Dixie here. Today I wanna talk to you about five common mistakes that beginning backpackers often make. Now, I’m not knocking the beginners, but, any professional just wasn’t born a professional. I mean, Michael Jordan didn’t pop out of the womb, start taking his first steps while perfectly Continue Reading

Grand Canyon Hiking and other ways to get to the bottom of the Canyon

Welcome to Part 9 of GrandCanyon.com’s “10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and the Questions You SHOULD Be Asking…” …about planning a Grand Canyon vacation. Last week, we talked about the infinite possibilities there are for a week-long vacation… …in the American Southwest. Today we’re going to discuss hiking in the Continue Reading

Cheap Bike Vs. Super Bike | What’s The Difference?

– How much difference does spending money make to the performance of your bike? – Well, we’re going to find out in “Cheap Bike vs. Super Bike”. – Ding, ding! – Two bikes at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Firstly is this, Canyon’s Aeroad bike. Lightweight, carbon fibre, moulded Continue Reading