Advanced Equestrian Jumping Exercises : Horse Jumping a Straight Line

Now that you’re comfortable jumping the jumps as a bending line, we’re going to jump them as a straight line. This will mean that all of the jumps will be jumped at a bit of an angle. You’re have to turn early enough so you can line up all three Continue Reading

Tiny robots swim through the eye to deliver medicine

It’s tough to deliver medication quickly and precisely to different parts of the eye. Traditionally medicine for conditions like glaucoma or diabetic macular odema is injected into the eye or dropped onto the surface and left to diffuse slowly throughout. This delivery method isn’t always accurate and means the entire Continue Reading

How to Groom a Horse : Introduction to Grooming a Horse

Hi, this is Mary Keith Hunter for Expert Village. Today we’ll be talking about how to groom a horse. So to begin with I find it helpful to have the horse on my cross side so you can have both hands to do the grooming. It’s always important to have Continue Reading

How to Groom a Horse : How to Pick Up the Back Hooves of a Horse

Hi, this is Mara Keith-Hunter for Expert Village. Today we would be talking about how to groom a horse. Next we are going to pick out the back feet. This could be a little harder as they need more support picking up there back legs. But it is the same Continue Reading

Charlotte Dujardin’s tips for riding a lazy horse | Your Horse

A thing I kind of do with my lazy ones, if I have lazy ones – I don’t have many because I don’t really let them get that lazy! But I do a lot in a field I teach them I kind of just go in a field and I Continue Reading

Horse Gaits : The 4 Horse Gaits

Today we’ll be talking about the different gaits of the horse. We’ll began with working with at a walk, trot and canter and move to just trying out a gallop. Once we have got a good understanding of the basic gaits we’ll also mover towards more advanced control of each Continue Reading

Horse Gaits : Riding a Horse in a Walk

To began with in order to get our horse to walk on. You will start by squeezing your calf’s if your house isn’t responsive to this light squeezing pressure you can also move to harder almost kick with your heals and if this doesn’t work you can actually give little Continue Reading

Equestrian Challenge Courses : Trotting Over a Ground Pole

Next we’ll be warming up over trot poles. I’ll start off with trot poles that are fairly spread apart and next come to these trot poles right together. I want to be focusing on maintaining an even trot rhythm while keeping her as straight as possible over the ground poles. Continue Reading