Kid Game: Roller SKating Girls – Dancer on Wheels P1

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Do You Love Swimming Pools in Summer? Let Us Ruin That for You

How’s your summer going? Did you spend a lot of time in the pool? Have fond memories of the ol’ swimmin’ hole? Well, let me retroactively ruin them. Pools are gross. The thing about water is some pathogens absolutely thrive in it. Harmful viruses, bacteria, and protozoa can be transmitted Continue Reading

Most Beautiful Hike I’ve Ever Been On – Seattle Day 4

good afternoon vlog fam it is a little bit later in the day, I didn’t vlog because today was a mess

Roller Skating Girls – Dancer on Wheels P3

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Roller Skating Girls – Dancer on Wheels P2

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Horse taxi school kids transport #1 | By EverFunGame

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‘Ride’ Premieres January 30th! | Ride Sizzle Trailer | Nick

[THEME MUSIC] “Ride” is a show about a girl named Kit who moves to England with her dad. A fancy new school for me; a stable full of horses for you! Does this mean you might actually get on a horse? KENDRA TIMMINS: He gets a job teaching at an Continue Reading

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Cat Piano Problem!

Mario: So uh, what do you want to do today? Rosalina: Well, we can always- (meowing) Mario: Jeffy, stop it! No cat piano today! Jeffy: But I wanna play my cat piano, daddy. Mario: Well, it’s annoying Jeffy. I don’t want you playing your cat piano. Jeffy: Well, can I Continue Reading

How I sort LEGO Minidolls and Accessories Q & A Kids Toys

hello welcome to ellieV toys I have had a lot of you ask me how do you store your Lego now there are lots of ways that I store my Lego but I thought today that I would show you how I store my Lego mini dolls and the huge Continue Reading

SML Movie: Jeffy’s Bike!

Jeffy: Hey, Daddy Mario: *sigh* What do you want Jeffy? Jeffy: We got our report cards today at school! Mario: (WHA) You get your report card? Jeffy: Yeah! Mario: Is it bad? Jeffy: Well it’s not good! Mario: *sigh* Let me see it, Jeffy? Jeffy: All right Daddy. Mario: *sigh* Continue Reading