Kids Skiing – Learning How to Ski with New Generation Ski School

Two little boys took a stroll in the snow For our first ski adventure with Zoe the Pro On went the bibs – not quite down to our knees And steady and ready we clipped on our skis. Off we go! We’re not standing still And the magic carpet takes Continue Reading

How to Teach Kids to Swim : Teaching a Child the Back Float in Swimming

Hi, I’m Samantha with Sharks and Minnows Swim School and Brianna and I are going to give you a couple of tips on getting your child comfortable back floating. What you want to do is make sure always that your child’s in the right position. So what you can do Continue Reading

How did Elizabeth Learn How to Swim? Watch her Win

(laughs) “It’s Elizabeth’s first bath.” (Cute baby sounds) (More cute baby sounds) “Yay!” “Yay!” (Adorable baby talk.) “Good girl.” (faint) “Yay!” “Good girl.” “No!” “Yay!” “Good job!” “You did it!” “Okay, go to Mom.” “You want to go to the wall?” “Go to the wall.” “Right behind you.” “Go, go, Continue Reading

Ice Skating | New Words | KidVision

Put on your thinking caps, it’s time to learn a new word! Figure skating. Figure skating is ballet on ice. Say that word? Figure skating. Good job. Ice rink. An ice rink is a place where people can go skating. Say that word? Ice rink. Good job! Ice skates. Ice Continue Reading


Look at that Good morning guys we’re about to get to the swimming pool I got a big surprise for you, but first you need this You’re gonna need that for the big surprise before [you] guys see the finished product I just want to warn you that it didn’t Continue Reading

Brain Breaks – Action Songs for Children – Swimming Song – Kids Songs by The Learning Station

Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind. Swimming Song from the multi-award winning CD, Tony Chestnut and Fun-Time Action Songs by the Learning Station I went for a walk and the walk was cool. Saw some people in the swimming pool. They swam to the right, swam to Continue Reading

Teach Children Skiing | Episode 3 : Easy Wedges & Ski Harness

Hi everybody, this is Nicholas and this is Will and this is Episode 3 of Teach Children Skiing Installing the wedgease is easy. You clip it on the tip you want the tips to be nice an close together. If you need them closer you can tie a knot in Continue Reading

Superman’s new family, Jane and speed-skater Ahn HyunSoo! [The Return of Superman / 2017.10.22]

Moscow is the capital of Russia. (Novorossiysk, Moscow) What is this building inside a dense forest? (What is this building?) It’s an ice rink stadium. (Incredible speed) Short-track speed skating requires speed and skills. (Short-track speed skating?) A fierce match is taking place on the ice. Who will be the Continue Reading