Can A Super Bike Make Up For A Lack Of Talent? | The GCN Show Ep. 325

– Mmm. Are you recording this, John? (laughing) (beeping) – From the majestic climbs of Malibu, California. Welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show brought to you by Wiggle. – This week we find out just how much is down to the bike and how much Continue Reading

New Tech! Shimano’s First Ever Gravel & Adventure Groupset | GCN Show Ep. 330

– From the hills in northern Italy, welcome to the GCN show. – Hello and welcome to the GCN show, brought to you by Wiggle. – This week Shimano goes all in for gravel with three new GRX groupsets. We have the details. – We do. We also have news Continue Reading