Snowboarder vs Fitness YouTuber – Susana Yábar faces Olympic Training | Hitting the Wall

Hi, my name is Susana. I’m going to meet Alex. He won a bronze medal in 2014. My name’s Alex Deibold. We’re here in my hometown of Boulder, Colorado. I’m going to take Susana through a day in the life of my training. (HITTING THE WALL) Boardercross is a discipline Continue Reading

I Trained Like A Professional Snowboarder | Lucie For Hire | Refinery29

I’m Lucie Fink. I’m a video producer at Refinery29 but every so often, I like to try other people’s jobs. Today, I’m in Vail, Colorado and I’m gonna see if I have what it takes to be a pro snowboarder for the day. This is Lucie for Hire. I’m Kimmy Continue Reading

Keystone Ski Resort Snowboarding Exercises | 10 Snowboard Warm Ups & Stretches

(wind rustling) (snow cracking) – What’s up? I’m over here at the Keystone Lodge & Spa in Keystone, Colorado. Whether or not you’re here or at home, I’ve got the 10 most beneficial snowboard warmup stretches and mobility drills that you should be doing right now before you go out Continue Reading

Life as a Professional Snowboarder – Marco Smolla 2012

My style is to just have fun when I am snowboarding, and I like it best when the snow is really deep. The life of a professional snowboarder is very special to me because I have the opportunity to travel the world, and I’m constantly searching for the best snow Continue Reading

Hiking my First Colorado 14er

Back it’s late. But Because I’m on Swedish time. It’s extra late. So India has moved the apartment around to get ready for my Leaving I knew this was gonna happen, but still I don’t know if I was ready for this everything’s different In Denver connection six hours taking Continue Reading

Toyota Game Recap | Avalanche vs. Coyotes | 11/2/2019

Welcome back to the Avalanche Locker Room Report trying to bounce back from that loss yesterday. The Avs fell three to nothing and it all starts right here. Christian Devorak to clean that one up. Phil Kessel nice little wrist shot. Yup here it is you take the Power play, Continue Reading

How Hand-Built Custom Skis Are Made

Most people don’t really even think about the physics of skis. What’s important is having the right geometry, that’s things like the right length and width. And then, creating a ski that is forgiving when you need it to be, but is still smooth and stable if you’re skiing fast Continue Reading