Snowboarder Hits Tree, Breaks leg, and Self Evacs. GoPro MAX

Hello? Hey I just hit a tree and I think I might have just broken my leg. Are you serious?! Yeah I’m not joking. How do I get up to you? Um I’m okay where are you? I’m at Tombstone. Okay I can probably get myself out of the trees. Continue Reading

Rc Paraglider EDF Powered DIY Project Test Flights V1, 2, and 3

hello everybody welcomes to a new episode of How To DIY Rc this my EDF Rc Powered Paraglider DIY Project we are making a long series about this Project how to make Rc paraglider under 50 dollars and we start at the beginning of the project with footage from two Continue Reading

Pop Team Epic – Skiing, Singing & Killing


This hah. Oh! [LAUGH]>>Hello everybody my name is Markiplier and this is Bob here. We’re playing Skate 3 because it’s been highly demanded and we’ve been trying to, what are you doing?>>I don’t know.>>You okay there?>>Just taking a nap. Just leave me alone.>>We’ve never played before and we plugged in Continue Reading

Skate 3 – Part 11 | SICK TRICKS BETTY | Playing on easy mode

Yeah, it was great. Me and Tiffany told the boys that we were gonna meet them at four, but we really only met them at five. It was so funny. And then Tiffany dared me to kiss one of the boys, and I did! Don’t tell my parents. And then, Continue Reading


Oh my God, they’re after me. I have to escape the meat processing factory! I will not be turned into a steak dinner! Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to Skate 3. I’m playing as meat man. Say hello. Nice to meat Continue Reading

THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating

Welcome to the community of freestyle ice skating! Where different cultures, genders and ages all have one thing in common, the love for a sport not many people have seen. THIS is Freestyle Ice Skating. We live for the challenges, the travelling and the friendships we share. The community keeps Continue Reading

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game Baby tiger sneaks up on its mom Baby gets glasses, and can see clearly for the first time. Look how the table has turned Dad cat very concerned about his son after surgery This little pup was so Continue Reading


Hello *intro music* How are you guys watch this great video intro music intro music intro music top ten worst skate accidents ever GO SUBSCRIBE DaeDae & TreyGivens OD Top ten worst skate accidents ever whats going on fellow members of the joog squad I hope you guys have had Continue Reading

TRY NOT TO LAUGH – Epic SUMMER WATER FAILS Compilation | Funny Vines June 2018

5, 4, 3 2, 1 go ouch ouch ouch ouch he’s going to bust his *** get over the log oooooh! oh god *laughing* woah! Oh my god! Are you okay? *laughing* *laughing* …Dear Tyler Happy birthday to you okay watch out! I do not know! I’m fine! Ah! This Continue Reading