SkiErg Ski Machine for sale | Buy NordicTrack Skier Machines $580

SkiErg Ski Machine for sale | Buy NordicTrack Skier Machines

How to begin cross-country skiing | Step-by-step descriptions for beginners

There must be something more to life than just playing computer games. I am going to go skiing, OK. These are like ordinary skis. You need special tracks in the snow, to use these skis. Fantastic. These skis… you can use them in the snow. You do not need special Continue Reading

Cross country skiing at PyeongChang 2018 – Team Canada // Ski de fond à PyeongChang 2018

Cross-country skiing is a very painful sport. In a race, your muscles are burning, your legs are burning, abs are burning, but we’ve trained ourselves to push through this pain. To be representing Canada and the Yukon this year at the Olympics with two of my teammates from my same Continue Reading

Prince George, Canada set to host 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships

We’re very excited to announce that in February 2019 Prince George will host the first World Championships ever to be held in our city. The 2019 World Para Nordic Skiing Championships will bring over 250 elite international athletes and officials as well as hundreds of family members and spectators to Continue Reading

Vlog 007/// Skiing in Sjusjøen

Good morning this morning i started with litlle run, like all my mornings weather is really nice diffrence about this morning is that today is no training in the morning, so i have half day off this night was minus degrees so maybe people in stadium will start making more Continue Reading

Beginners Guide to Cross-Country Skiing

Hi, welcome to the video. I’m Daniel and we’re in the beautiful Italian Dolomites to introduce you to the sport of cross-country skiing. Cross-country is a great way to get outdoors and stay fit in the winter and in this video we’ll give you a basic introduction to the sport. Continue Reading

Limitless Adventure: Cross-Country Skiing at Milan Hill

What’s up everybody! My name is Ian, and this is Limitless Adventure. Today we’re at Milan Hills State Park to do a little cross-country skiing. The Nansen Ski Club provides over 15 kilometers of groomed trails both in the park and on private land. It’s open to the public for Continue Reading