How to Choose the Right Paraglider (Part One: Which Class?)

Here’s the latest First wing from Sup’air, the EONA, featuring a friendly profile with nice wide cell openings for easy inflation. We’ve assumed a 90kg total flying weight for our statistics. The step to the Progression class can be subtle, but you can usually notice a slight increase in aspect Continue Reading

In 3 Std von Detmold nach Münster | 100+ KM Streckenflug | XC Paragliding VLOG

In front of me is a buzzard. He climbs well past me.I’ll follow him! He must know where the core is! Thanks Buzzard! Ha Ha so freaking cool! Beautiful good morning Today for two You may have already seen Olli at one point or another “Olli is calling” (from an Continue Reading

Hiking, Biking, & Camping North Cascades National Park

good morning everybody check out this view no not the rest area right off the Cascade highway but the river on the other side we’re in Central Washington right now I am going over the Cascade Mountains as I take a little detour under this incredibly beautiful cedar tree this Continue Reading

What to wear when you go skiing

Hi, we are the Aukland brothers. My name is Anders. And I’m Jørgen, and today we’re gonna talk about what to wear when you’re out racing, training, outside skiing. And Anders, you are gonna put on some clothes for competition and for training in high speed. In high speed. And Continue Reading

Ylvis – Langrennsfar | Stories from Norway | TVNorge

Will Petter Northug become a world champion in interval start too? He is unflawed, the sprint king, he is best in everything. Here comes Norway’s cross-country skiing king A Turkish Pepper shot for each gold he takes He is Norway’s cross-country skiing king Petter Northug and a couple of his Continue Reading

Manuela Di Centa: An Italian Ski-Legend claims 5 medals in Lillehammer | Legends Live on

What Manuela achieved at Lillehammer was incredible and perhaps unrepeatable. I wouldn’t have achieved it if I had not believed since I was a child, that girls like me who love cross-country skiing, could achieve great things in sport. Following Lillehammer, Manuela has left a historic and indelible mark as Continue Reading