THE AXEL JUMP ❤ How To Figure Skate

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel today We are going to be doing another skating video today the axel jump which was super highly requested so I’m just going to be sharing some tips and tricks that will help and improve your axel and Hopefully allow you to Continue Reading

Figure Skating Tournament Elsa Anna My Life As Baby Dolls | Sled Dance Figure | ToysReview ToyCampus

[Intro] [cheering] [skating sound] [cheering] [skating] [cheering, skating] [num num] [cheering] Please subscribe and see you all in the next video. Thank you.

Figure Skating Tag II PL&ENG

Hi! I welcome you warmly! I haven’t said that for a long time straight to the camera, so maybe I said a bit I have a little kater so if I had a different voice changed and sounded a bit like a goat then don’t be scared I wanted to Continue Reading

Roller Skating | Roller Dance

(upbeat disco music) – In today’s Motivation to Move we’re going to skate to good health. So I am here with Elizabeth at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel to talk all about roller dance fitness. Now Elizabeth when we talk about that we were our body and we’re working our Continue Reading

Ice Skating at Crown Center | Around KC

Around KC My name is Ellie and today I’m going ice skating at Crown Center. If a kid were scared of ice skating I would tell them its okay the funnest part of ice skating is falling down and getting back up again When I grow up I want to Continue Reading

Crystallize – Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Okay, I’m here in Colorado and I wanna thank Brent and Linda Christensen for bringing me and Devon Graham out here to film. And these amazing ice castles. Um, all the information is in the description with their websites, and they actually built this. So yeah. They build them for Continue Reading

Skating House Dance Tutorial with Whichway Sha

[Music] [Music] hey yo what’s going out there went up this is which way shot at you and I’m here at the Red Bull tutorials giving you something to make you want to dance we’re gonna do some movements called the skate skating and slide it skating and slide it Continue Reading


My score is 88! (Talk about the game “The Floor is Lava)) It is a pity! My record is 88… Do you play it too? No… My score is 47… Mine 88… Really? Hello! I don´t have a swimsuits … 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1! Continue Reading

Dancing on Ice: How do ice skaters spin? With Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers | We The Curious

its 8:30 in the morning and we’re very excited because today we’re getting a special behind-the-scenes look Suzanne Shaw and Matt Evers the 2008 winners of ITV’s Dancing on Ice as they’re practicing behind me for the next season. I’ve gotta say my most favorite outdoor ice rink I’ve ever Continue Reading

How to Roller Skate

How to Roller Skate. Step into your roller skates and learn to get your glide on! You will need Helmet, wrist guards, and pads Smooth surface Roller skates and patience. Always wear protective clothing, including a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads, and kneepads when you roller-skate. Children under the age Continue Reading