Okay, well let’s just keep the vlogs going shall we and so as you can see since my last Video that I did I’ve got so many Roses and I’ll try to flip it around and give you a show of how much It’s actually there now look at the Continue Reading

Pedro Barros Skating Florianopolis, Brasil

E aí, tudo bom? Eu sou Pedro Barros e estamos na minha cidade natal, Florianópolis (SC). Vou apresentar alguns dos skateparks daqui. Começando pelo mais antigo, que é o primeiro skatepark em que andei na vida. Ele provavelmente é da década de 80, bem tosco, me traz muitas lembranças. Estou Continue Reading

Hartpury Elite Equine: A Day in the Life

On an average day I normally get to the yard between 6:45 and 7:00 I will feed him then he gets mucked out gets fresh water and a hay net for the morning I also have to sort out hay for lunch time and hay for the evening. Hartpury give Continue Reading