DIY Low Cost Gravity Water Filter for Hiking and Backpacking

Hey guys Chris back with you again and I am out at lake Monroe near Bloomington Indiana and today what I am going to show you is I am going to be making a gravity filter water filter out of a dry bag and this filter so stay tuned. Okay Continue Reading

Skating Penguin LEGO Kinetic Sculpture

Hey everyone! Jason here. Today I am excited to show you Kristal’s latest LEGO model, which is this cute little penguin skating on an iceberg. The penguin itself is super cute I think, and I have created building instructions for it if you’d like to try to build one of Continue Reading

How to Teach Kids to Swim : Proper Body Position for Children Learning to Swim

Hi, I’m Samantha with Sharks and Minnows Swim School and I’m going to give you a couple of tips on how to get your child in the right body position in the water. What we’re going to do is have Brianna glide to the steps. The first thing we’re going Continue Reading

¡Tips para patinar en las calles! // Tips for roller skating on streets!

before starting with the tips I will give you some recommendations I think that you can do the roller routes with light colored clothes or with some kind of reflective clothes to be more in the eye for the motorists if you roller skate by night, good led lights that Continue Reading

How to Clean Roller Skate Bearings

Hey guys, it’s Dan from here. We’re doing a little video today on how to clean and properly maintenance your bearings. you get a lot better performance and a lot longer life out of them. You can breathe some new life into an old set of bearings by just Continue Reading

Beneficios de patinaje / Roller skating benefits

Hi guys! How are you? I’m Carito and today we’re going to talk about 9 benefits that roller skating has, so let’s start the video First benefit that we can talk in roller skating is about the weight, roller skating can help you to reduce or to maintain your ideal Continue Reading

Zempire Mono Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– Hey folks, I’ve got the Zempire Mono one-person, lightweight, single-pole Hiking Tent behind me and I’m gonna show you how to set it up and pack it away today. Let’s check it out. (upbeat music) Hey folks, Ben from Snowy’s here today down at the Brown Hill Creek Caravan Continue Reading

Building a Family Bike & Skate Ramp

Today I’m building another kicker ramp, but thought it would be a fun challenge to design it specifically for families. It needs to be good for little shredders while also fun enough for big shredders. We built another ramp kind of like this, but it was super heavy. It also Continue Reading

Vango Nevis 200 2P Hiking Tent – How to setup & pack away

– This is the Nevis 200 from Vango. It sets up a little bit differently from other tents. Let’s show you how to do it. (hip-hop music) Good day, Michael from Snowys here. I’m here in Brownhill Creek in the Adelaide hills which is 15 minutes from the city and Continue Reading