Exploring California by Motorcycle | LA to Big Sur Moto Camping

Vagabuddies….we are on the cusp of a very big adventure. We’re going to ride our motorcycles up the coast to Big Sur. Today is Part 1. We’re heading to Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Mountains. We’re about to hop on the bikes, but we’ll show you the route we’re Continue Reading

Horse Riding in Daebudo beach (Aerial / Drone Footage)

Horse Riding in Daebudo beach : Horse riding in the broad plain Special Thanks To : ‘Sunrise Horse Riding Park’

Horse Riding Adventure – Kyrgyzstan in 4K and DJI Drone

we’re off on the horses ready for a three-day track a little bit nervous but looks like we’ll be bringing up the rear what a place for lunch how are you enjoying this I love it it’s beautiful scenery great horses it’s a lot of fun It is said that Continue Reading