Snowboarding in Turkey – Palandoken [with subtitles] | Palandöken Güney Pistinde Kısa Bir Tur

Subscribe Us. Now We are at Palandöken South ski slope So we’re at a point below the Ejder3200 So we’re at a point below the Ejder3200 So we’re at a point below the Ejder3200 Now let me show you around of the mountain summit of the mountain is the point Continue Reading

Mountain Skiing – Skiing Tricks | Winter 2017

Khibiny Mountains, Murmansk Region, RUSSIA people. our team You see the Walking Nice channel. to be continued…

A Snowboarder’s Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike Basich was a snowboarding pioneer. But after hundreds of competitions that brought money and fame, he went in search of something different. [ROCK MUSIC PLAYING] Welcome. Thank you. It’s such a rush just to get up here. [MUSIC PLAYING] When did you first get into snowboarding? My mom was Continue Reading

Powder and Rails: Snowboard Legend Jake Burton Carpenter

[MUSIC PLAYING] TODD KOHLMAN: That’s one of the first early Burton signs that was on the Manchester buildings. It’s based off a shot, an actual shot, of Jake from the ’82 catalog. So here’s a timeline on our history here at Burton. As you know, it started in 1977. Great Continue Reading

The Spirit Of Flatness | Full Snowboarding movie (4K)

did you know that somewhere up north, there is country completely different from any other one you’ve ever visited? a country with no school exams and practically no homework but at the same time….. the world’s highest education level a place with more saunas than cars… and car tickets are Continue Reading

Snowboarding Without the Snow

(electronic music) – [Jason] Anything you can do on a snowboard, you can do on a mountainboard. (loud rocks) I love the feeling of being in nature and charging down the mountain. (intense drum music) I wanted to keep that feeling all year round, so we built what’s called a Continue Reading

Taking A Tiny Home On The Road With Snowboarder Mike Basich

The Eternal Beauty Of Snowboarding

Fucking bindings, man Was that it ? It might have been a little too frontboard Almost blunt This one was for you What are you doing Bourbouss ? I’m checking a spot Fuck off now Should I do a backside 7 ? My boots are so wet ! All my Continue Reading

A Wheelchair Designed for Hiking

(calm piano music) (peaceful piano music) (camera clicking) (foreign language) (foreign language) (happy music) (happy music) (light horn music) [Group] Yay!