TURKEY: Hiking The Phrygian Way

“The world without visas: Around the world with Valery Shanin” The campaign on the Phrygian Way became the next stage of The World without Visas project, within which Valery Shanin travels only around the countries, visa-free for Russians. In this campaign, his fellow travelers became Maynur Klementieva from the island Continue Reading


But I certainly love rollerblading these is Rollerblade whats up Ricardo? Olá youtube, My name is Ricardo Lino and I´m a wheel addict this video might be a little bit controversial as most of you know inline skating rollerblading Whatever, you call, it blading was Super trendy the 90s. It Continue Reading

Twins on Ice – Episode 1 [GER] / [ENG – Subs] Twins Figure Skating

One week till the competition starts Hello, my name is Emilia, I am 8 years old, And I am a figure skater. I like it ‘couse… … the “Elements” are alot of fun! “Elements” are for example Pirouettes and jumps. Then there is… … doing stuff on one leg for Continue Reading

Life of a 19 yr old actor/skater in NYC [Portrait Film Series] Donnie

Skating Rollerblading Documentary Nino35yearsanniversary Skola rolera miroslavlukicdesign.com

I was always more into the child adventures, than into money adventures. When story comes from the heart, words are not sufficient This the story about making subculture & begining of this art-sport in Balcan and ex Yugoslavia, It`s also about Serbia, contry once quite closed and unfrendly for all Continue Reading

Swim With Manta Rays, the Ocean’s Peaceful Giants

– [Narrator] Manta rays are very large. They’re one of the largest animals in the ocean. Certainly they’re the largest of any of the ray species. They can get up to about 25 feet across. When they come towards you and they’re that size, they look like an alien spacecraft Continue Reading

Swimming From Alcatraz to San Francisco 48 Times

– [Narrator] This Great Big Story was made possible by Wells Fargo. Established 1852. Re-established 2018. (elegant music) – [Mitali] The water we swim in is dangerous, and someone has died in it. Growing up, I had people tell me that the water was so dangerous that there were three Continue Reading

Racing With an Olympic Speed Skater

– [Brittany] When you’re getting on the ice and pairs of skaters are already racing before you, it can be very, very noisy, but the second I step on the ice for my race, I become hyper focused. My name is Brittany Bowe, and I am an Olympic long track Continue Reading