A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game

A good boy playing fetch on an ice rink before the game Baby tiger sneaks up on its mom Baby gets glasses, and can see clearly for the first time. Look how the table has turned Dad cat very concerned about his son after surgery This little pup was so Continue Reading

Zebra vs Horses: Animal Domestication

Sheep… weren’t always this fluffy. We fluffy-fied them by breeding the fluffiest in each generation. This is domestication: sculpting wild animals for better human use. As we saw in Part 1, for early man, animals were powerful tools …food, clothing, transportation, tractors. Yet, though there were animals everywhere, only a Continue Reading

Nipsey Hussle Rates Naked Yoga, Vanilla Ice, and Cheetos Chopsticks | Over/Under

(upbeat drum music) (drum roll) – Aww to not get the Hot Cheetos shit on your hands. That’s underrated for sure you know what I’m saying? You know once you eat some Hot Cheetos you can guarantee you about to accidentally brush it your clothes or something ’cause you can Continue Reading

BAD BITE! – K9 Attack

– I’m Coyote Peterson, and I’m about to enter the maul zone with a canine. Ow, it hurts! (screaming in pain) (exotic music) What’s going on, guys? Today we are on location in West Virginia, and I’m here with J, from Makor K9. And we’re gonna do something a little Continue Reading

Horse riding


Animal Rescue of Retired Race Horses

Pet Rescue in San Francisco: wait another day my well probably want globe after them first 1i work like any athlete horses get their care I other battle wounds well the them well that handlebars I guess of like the men that all like them home as a result of Continue Reading

Show jumping. Why does my horse jump so bad?

Show jumping. Why does my horse jump so bad? So… Good. Once more. To the left. One more time. Leg, leg, leg. So…Keep off! Keep off! Keep off! Keep off! Gather it back. Push it. Careful! At two already! Progress already! This was at one! O-hoh, how scary! Jump sharper! Continue Reading

Barbie Saddle ‘n Ride Horse Toy Unboxing & Review New for 2015 *See Barbie ride on the Beach!

Hey everybody, it’s Nina from Two Dogs and Toys and I’m very excited today to un-box and review Barbie Saddle in Ride. We’re gonna test her out here at home and then we’re gonna take Barbie and her awesome horse outside into the grass and then even to the beach Continue Reading

Most 19 Dangerous Animals In the World Number One Will SHOCK YOU!!

#19 leopard: A ferocious leopard may have killed 15 people in india evrey year and caused 6,603 animal deaths since 2010. its latest victim a 4-year-old boy that the creature dragged away into the jungle to eat. The head of boy was found in the forest a kilometer from his Continue Reading


Woo hoo! Wait, wait, wait, wait, oh my God! Awesome! She… Her name is Virginia, like the state Mm-hm I said look at the size of Summerland compared to everyone else Thank you! I’m gonna cry. I have to stop I’m really gonna cry! Ah! Ok, go, go, go Welcome Continue Reading