Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool!

[MUSIC PLAYING] -It’s summer time, and in our house, that means lots of outdoor activity, because if the kids are inside all day long, I will go crazy. Rylan is the huge swimmer in our family, and this year for her birthday, she got a mermaid tail. And she’s been Continue Reading

Swimming – Turns – Freestyle Flip Turn Step #5

TURNS – Noodle Flip – Step 5 Here’s our 5th and final step in our learning sequence for flip turns. Why do it: In steps #2 through #4 of our flip turn sequence, we’ve asked you to flip straight over and push off on your back. Pushing off on your Continue Reading

How the “Dolphin Kick” changed Swimming forever | On the Line

I used to do like four or five dolphin kicks off the walls and that would probably get me about five to seven metres underwater. It was 1984, nobody was using it. I started, but the next generation came around and took it further than I did. I might be Continue Reading

Swimming – Breaststroke – 3-2-1 STRETCH

Swimming – Breaststroke – 3-2-1 STRETCH Published on Dec 17, 2008 by GoSwim Getting the most out of every stroke is essential in breaststroke, whether you’re 12 or 52. When you think of “getting the most” out of each stroke, you have to think of a few key things: Where Continue Reading