Livigno 2018 Snowboarding with friends || Carosello & Mottolino Shredding || GoPro Session 5

#oh sweet jesus #it’s all about the speed, remember! #ha! almost got him #she’s so fuckin’ fast, right? #I saw you shredding fuuuck, like fuckin’ nuts #yup 😀 #fuck, I don’t even have strenght to keep my balance on a board #I see it clears up there, we’ll go over Continue Reading

Sunday in the park PIRATE 03 snowboarding in Whistler Vlog #013

Hey, wassup y’all guys. So for today’s video, it is a video from Whistler. I went to Whistler with Milo on the very last day of this season. Past season, not this season to come. Past season. I know it has been a while that I, I don’t upload anything, Continue Reading

[슈퍼셀 라운지] Supercell Lounge – Thank you 2019!(ENG SUB)

36 Users 12 teams from all over Korea to participate in “LET’S BRAWL Event” (Team names) Winner gets Nita hat! Don’t die Don’t die, Don’t die DON’T DIE!!!!! You couldn’t do anything~ I want to win even i pressed to my teammate. Hey! Kaiser, 3 stars? Sure!!!(3 star) LET’S BRAWL! Continue Reading

Dear “normal” people. A letter to non-swimmers

Dear normal people, I’m writing to you from the pool. I just wanted to clear up some points. 10- This is backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and freestyle. 9- I do not “play” a sport. I don’t go chasing after a ball, lift heavy things or use sweaty clothes. I go to Continue Reading

Aperception – BEAUTIFUL outdoor Figure Skating !

– See you later! – Wait, wait Maée! – What? – I would like to talk to you – You know I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time – But after your practice you never have time, you always leave – I have to many things to do! – Continue Reading

Disco Dancing And Roller Skating (TBBT: 3×14 – The Einstein Approximation)

oh my god have you ever been so embarrassed not recently I don’t know which was lemur their roller-skating or their disco dancing for me the worst part was when people saw us leave with them thanks to you – you notice all the people looking at us how we’re Continue Reading


OHHHHH motherfuckers Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and today we’re going to use these things sorry guys sorry guys so what happened we can skate because it doesn’t say that we comes this is not the intro everybody knows you need knowledge better take that habit College wrangled Continue Reading