Spinning Out | Official Trailer | Netflix

Skating’s like breathing. I can’t imagine not doing it. And if I stopped, I feel like drowning. That metaphor got dark real fast. You’re a beautiful skater. I’m done. That was my last skate. You’re just a little scared. I’m not a little scared. I’m terrified. You were perfect, and Continue Reading

Malaysia Will Come for Anyone Who’s Talking About Her Kids | Basketball Wives

– Excuse me. Hi, guys. How are you? – Hi. – Hi. – Hi, Dominique. – Hey, babe. – If punk-ass Jen and her friend Dominique is behind this game of telephone, it best to end right here in my face because the game of telephone is over. Okay, so, Continue Reading

BOJACK Promo | “Ice Skating” (Watch All Episodes Instantly) | Netflix

Is this going to be like that time you promised to take me ice skating and I got really excited about the ice skating but then instead of ice skating, you left me at home so you could go to the strip club and then you took the strippers ice Continue Reading


(intro) Hello, everyone, it’s Molly here for another video, and if the lighting looks different it’s because it is basically my ring light is doing something funky and there’s decent natural daylight out right now so I don’t know how it’s going to look. Let me know if you like Continue Reading

euphoria | roller skating – behind the scenes of season 1 episode 5 | HBO


BoJack Horseman | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

[scanner beeping] -[woman] Hurry up! -Oh, is it this guy? -Oh, my God, he’s got a gun! -Relax, it’s a lighter! [all screaming] How much lighter fluid can I take on the plane? And before you answer, remember, I’m a celebrity. Why didn’t you refill your birdfeeder? Yeah! Who’s a Continue Reading

Game of Thrones Season 6: Anatomy of A Scene: The Battle of Winterfell (HBO)

(WARRIORS ROARING) -WARRIOR: Ahh! -(BLADES RESONATE) ♪ (ENTICING MUSIC) ♪ (WARRIORS YELLING) (STRIKING) (CRASHES) As soon as we wrote up episode nine, we knew that it was gonna have to operate on a scalethat we never operated before.DAVID:We had a number of night time battles,we had a number of sieges Continue Reading

Sierra’s on a Runaway Horse ‘Sneak Peek’ | Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

(synthesized music) – Don’t bust ’em Sean! – [Everyone] Oh! – [Sean] Oh! – Get on it! – Sean Garret knows a lot about horse power. But ain’t gonna lie, this is my first time horseback riding. – [Cowgirl] Be careful. – Sean coming from behind. You got the biggest, Continue Reading

Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #9 Clip – Battle of the Bastards (HBO)

♪ (DRAMATIC MUSIC) ♪ – (HORSE NICKERING) – My beloved wife! I’ve missed you terribly. Thank you for returning Lady Bolton safely. Now, dismount and kneel before me. Surrender your army, and proclaim me the true Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North. I will pardon you for deserting Continue Reading

Urban Cowboy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Sissy Rides the Bull (1980) HD

Will you look up there? Bud, you recognize her? Hey, sissy! Get down from there! Bud, just watch, okay? She knows what she’s doing. Now, remember, keep your head in the well And don’t think about nothing but the ride. Show ’em how to do it, girl.Turn that girl loose!Shit, Continue Reading