Common Horse Rider Problems – Get the information you need!

So rider problems can be grouped into several categories and this talk this evening this quick talk is just setting the scene for later videos that will come along so make sure you subscribe and you’ll be able to watch the the future videos as well, so first of all Continue Reading

Red Dead Redemption 2 Upgrades to Horse 2.0

In Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar wants you to be best friends with your horse. In Red Dead Redemption, the horses were beautiful and obedient and always just a whistle away, and Rockstar talked about letting you bond with your horse, but they didn’t fully commit. After riding a horse Continue Reading

What others think of horseriding VS What I think! + ENGL SUBS | felinehoi

What exactly are you doing? There you go! Hi guys! Thanks for watching this new video! I’m with Romy van der Linden. She has her own channel and asked me to film a video together. I usually don’t respond to that, but I’ve been watching Romy’s video’s for a few Continue Reading

When Horses Attack

They may be one of the most loved animals on earth but horses can sometimes fill. We bring you some moments when horses attrack. What is it? Equus ferus caballus or the common horse is a hoofed mammal, also known as an ungulate that belongs to the Equidae family. Horses Continue Reading

Riding High with Horseback Therapy

Hi. I’m Aurelie. I work in HSBC Private Bank, Singapore in the Operational Risk team. I started to be a volunteer for RDA in October 2010. RDA stands for Riding for the Disabled Association. We provide a programme giving free therapeutic horse riding sessions to different riders with all kinds Continue Reading

Horse Training Fun – Simple TIP – TRICK

– Tough, but I’m going to see if I canter out of this. So I’m going to turn. I’m going to get my body feel up and he did, good. Good. So now as we get going I’m going to halt. I’m going to com through my turn. It might Continue Reading

HOW TO BATHE YOUR HORSE | Horses 101- Basics

Hey there youtube! So this is gonna be a video about how to bathe your horse. We have Kylan here demonstrating for us on her horse called Willa. Make sure you get the horse’s entire body wet, including their legs and face… Also make sure to wet down your horse’s Continue Reading

Spring #ROOTD – SmartPaker Jen

JEN: Hi, I’m Jen from Merchandising, and this is my Spring Riding Outfit of the Day. I am in love with the new Piper Knit Breech with Silicone Grip Full Seats. The amount of stretch is unlike any other breech I’ve ever worn, and the stylish grip makes me feel Continue Reading