#12. The Best of Malaysia – Penang National Park | Hiking In The Jungle | Monkey Beach

Hello, same road again, different day On our way to the bus stop For a drive to the most north western part of the Island Where we going to go to the national park, it’s monkey beach with wild monkeys. I believe and a turtle sanctuary And the kids are Continue Reading

LAKES, PEAKS AND BLISTERS 🥾: Long-distance hiking in Austria, Salzkammergut

Gasp! Only a few more meters. Hello fellow adventurers and welcome to my home, the Salzkammergut. My name is Matthias from Bugs & Bears and together with my girlfriend Doris I’m traveling the world looking for wildlife and adventure. Our first long distance trail experience. My body temperature feels like Continue Reading

Extreme hiking at Solomon Mt

So let’s start from the end I am now on my way back from the Solomon’s Mt hike This was one of the best treks I have taken If not the best The length of the tail is 16Km Don’t take this hike on the Summer Take at-least 4 litters Continue Reading

Aperception – BEAUTIFUL outdoor Figure Skating !

– See you later! – Wait, wait Maée! – What? – I would like to talk to you – You know I’m in a hurry, I don’t have time – But after your practice you never have time, you always leave – I have to many things to do! – Continue Reading

Skiing with trampoline and hula hoop

Next up 180 to backflip by Ilkka Someone cut the ground from under my feet We have a Survivor Finland challenge here The goal is to set up a rope swing up there The fastest team gets immunity for today’s dinner vote They’re getting nowhere Ilkka just created the perfect Continue Reading

Hike Exit Glacier | The Alaska Life

Alright so we’re driving along getting closer to the glacier. we just see a date sign come by it’s said 1894 and that’s where over a hundred years ago the glacier was standing so keep an eye out for those dates on this drive to exit glacier! We just made Continue Reading

The Best Swimming holes in Colorado

Devil’s Punchbowl near Aspen Colorado just off of Independence pass is this beautiful swimming hole the swimming hole offers cliffs to jump off and beautiful green water to cool down in about an hour away from Colorado Springs is Paradise Cove it is a short hike from the highway and Continue Reading

Skiing with Osmo & P4Pro | Travel Film Haukeli, Norway Drone Video

Welcome to my familys cabin in the mountains. This episode will mostly be about me having fun and celebrating easter, and I will do some tests with my Osmo Mobile, and of course fly some with my drone. I dont have any big projects, but we´ll see what I can Continue Reading

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall

Mushkpuri Top Skiing Fun and Fall

Skier vs Drone with Victor Muffat-Jeandet | Salomon TV

Jet, we’ve got this. It’s time to take this skier down. I’m Victor Muffat-Jeandet, coming from France in Val d’Isère in the Alps and I’m an alpine ski racer, more on the technical side, GS and slalom, but also doing some speed for the combine. My name is Jordan Temkin Continue Reading