Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, on the ranch we have cows, and calves of course. Chickens and horses, lots of barn cats and even a few pigs. But a couple of critters that roam the grounds may just surprise you, cause just like everything around here, they have a job to do Continue Reading

NHL Player Tries Olympic Figure Skating

I’m kristi, yamaguchi. I’m the 1992 Olympic gold Medalist and women’s figure skating Two-time, World Champion Bret Heta caen and I’m a two-time olympian and Stanley cup champion played 17 seasons in the NHL and over a thousand games we’ve been married for 16 years now I guess you can Continue Reading

나 이러다 죽겠어요 ㅠㅜ 하지만 오리들과 함께라면.. ㅣMichael Phelps Dog Can’t Stop Swimming To Stalk Ducks

Moongchi! Moongchi, come here! Moongchi! Among dem, Moongchi… is me. Totally obsessed with dem ducks (melodramatic) You’ll die like that! Come here! (I can’t hear ya) Moongchi! Moongchi! (Still not listening) Come here! Guardian/ If left alone, she can go for 2~3 hours Ah.. So that’s why.. You’ll die like Continue Reading