How To Turn Right Riding A Horse

We’re now going to have a look at how to turn the horse right as smoothly and as gently as possible, without interrupting the horse’s natural rhythm. First of all, Jennifer is going to ask Chester to move forward off the leg. She is then going to prepare by looking Continue Reading

How To Turn Left Riding A Horse

Now we’re going to look at how to turn a horse gently and smoothly left. What we’re going to do is ask Jennifer to walk Chester on (in the same way as we did earlier, with a nudge) and when she gets to the turn, she’s going to bring her Continue Reading

How To Mount A Horse Using A Mounting Block

This is how we’re going to learn how to mount a horse correctly. So, Jennifer’s going to bring Chester to the mounting block. Chester’s very used to this type of mounting block. Make sure your horse is well trained and get someone to give you a hand if you’re not Continue Reading

Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Compete in Dressage

To compete in dressage, you first want to make sure that your horse is well groomed, they should be clipped and their mane should be braided. As for tack goes, you don’t want to have any bell boots or boots on. You should have a square nice clean, usually white Continue Reading

How To Ride A Horse In A Straight Line

Hi my name is Jenny, and we’re here at Wimbledon Village Stables to learn about the different aspects of horse riding and horse care. [Music] As you can see Jennifer is about to ride Chester down the middle of the arena, down what we call the center line. This happens Continue Reading

Horse Training for Equestrian Games : How to Ride Bareback

To ride bareback, you’re going to take your saddle off, you still have the bridle on. Everything else will still be the same, you still have all your protective riding clothes on. And you want to make sure first of all that you’re at a point in your riding where Continue Reading

Horse Training : How to Make a Horse Run Faster

Alright, to make your horse go faster, let’s say you’re trotting. I’m simply going to close my legs, give the horse a squeeze and already we’re at a faster trot. And if I want to go faster say “up” and do a canter, when I close my outside leg. And Continue Reading