Street Skating in Barcelona – Red Bull Skate Arcade World Final 2014

♪ (techno music) ♪ Skating is just fun. What better place for it than an amusement park? It’s all here, and we’re having fun. We’re all here in Barcelona. One of the best skating spots in the world. An amazing view here, and a sick skate park. The international finals Continue Reading

These Ice Swimmers Battle Frozen Death with Every Stroke | That’s Amazing

(intense music) – [Ram] Everyone says that I’m mad. And they ask me that question, what draws me to the ice. And what amazes me is how many people follow. – [Announcer] High in the mountains of Southern Africa, there are 15 fearless swimmers competing in one of the most Continue Reading

Skating in Santiago – Braulio Sagas 2013

Hello, I am Braulio Sagas, I’m 21 years old and I am from Santiago. I have been skateboarding for over 10 years. I started on this with all my crew in Santiago Centro. I began skating because of my neighborhood friend´s influence. They showed me a lot of sports but Continue Reading

Speed Skiing – Fastest Men in the World

This is Ivan Origone: his aim is to be ranked #1 in the world and break the world downhill skiing speed record held by his brother Simone – 251.4km/h. Riding in line helps to maximize streamlining. The Origone’s are a family of speed skiers where the youngest member wants to Continue Reading

Leticia Bufoni’s Journey To The Top Of Skating | Until 18

Skateboarding is everything in my life. It’s my profession, a way of having fun, but since it’s a sport that can hurt you bad, you have to make the right decisions. If you make one wrong decision you can really get hurt. Today my profession is skateboarder. But it might Continue Reading

Freestyle Skiing in Argentina – Red Bull Beyond the Line 2012

We are here in Bariloche in Cerro Catedral, organizing the first year of the Red Bull Beyond the Line. This type of event, or competition, is the most even regarding conditions right? There’s a mountain, and you just have to go down. Today we will be evaluating the magnitude of Continue Reading

Shock Encounter With A Shark | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim: E14

[Music] [Music] [Music] so guys after 80 something days I can finally say that we are staring cake rough in the face for those who don’t know that is the top of the country and it feels just amazing to even say that we’re missing a tide today which is Continue Reading

Base Jumping + Mountain Skiing = Extreme Ski-Base Jumping

– Three, two, one, see ya. Base jumping is already the most dangerous sport in the world. Ah! Then you’re also mixing that with big mountain skiing. You’re combining full intensity sports in an unforgiving environment. The risk factor is definitely pretty high. (upbeat music) I am Matthias Giraud, aka Continue Reading

The A-Team of The Alpine Skiing World Cup

the search for Speed is limitless always fueled by the need for more some are driven to test its absolute edge you have to just go for it and do not think about what can have fun what are the consequences this elite few constantly push the limits of Technology Continue Reading