Skis – English vocabulary

These are cross-country skis. They are long and thin. We are applying wax onto the skis. And we are melting the wax with the iron. Enough. Ready to go! Cross-country skiing. These are skis for downhill skiing. Downhill skiing. The ski is short and wide. This is a binding. And Continue Reading

First Time Ice Skating | #VLOG 2

Hellooo So today is going to be my first time doing ice skating and also it’s going to be my first English video like this thing hopefully, my pronunciation is getting better so you can understand what I’m saying I’ve never done this in my life so, I’m so afraid Continue Reading

⛸Ice Skating FALL!!

(Dad grunting in surprise) (upbeat guitar music) – All right, so we are headed into Ikea as family this morning, and we’re kind of laughing because we just had a hilarious experience getting Jeremy into this contraption. – I, with my mini-van, brought my four children (Mom and kids laughing) Continue Reading


what is that for everybody welcome back to the channel another episode of world record Wednesdays we’re break or set a world record every single Wednesday today I’m joined by my friend Jorge. Jorge is a juggler and he hit me up tell me he was in town and you Continue Reading

The Try Guys Try Roller Derby

(rock music) – Fuck me. – Roller derby. – [Keith] What’s better than a whole gang of girls skating down and knocking you over? – I love rollerskating because it’s basically having cars on your feet. – We’re going into a ring with a bunch of buff women who are Continue Reading

The Mistake That Cost Sven Kramer Olympic Gold | Strangest Moments

There aren’t many rules to Olympic speed-skating. Get around the rink as quickly as possible. That’s the gist. The fastest man or woman wins. But there’s one rule you have to remember – there are only two lanes on the speed-skating track and you have to skate one lap in Continue Reading


*Wapoosh* Lets get roight into the news my name is jackspedicey 2 and welcome back to getting over it with bennett foddy i decided to play on low grapics setting This is the low graphics mode the… the mode is called Sexy hiking I thought it might make me a Continue Reading

Skiing On A Bike

Inline skating – english vocabulary

We will teach you the inline skating vocab. Hi. This is MonkeyEnglish. My name is Lukas. Hi. My name is Lukas as well. And we are teachers. MonkeyEnglish is useful and simple. I am putting the skates on. You must lace your skates. I have some tips and tricks, that Continue Reading