Assistant Rides Her Horse to McDonalds Drive thru and gets it Taken

– [Assistant] Family Fun for everyone. Boy me and my pet zebra, Cupcake, sure are hungry. – [Engineer] Oh really? Where are you gonna go Assistant? – McDonald’s! – [Engineer] Oh you’re gonna go through the drive-thru at McDonald’s? – Yeah! – [Engineer] Okay. So here’s the Assistant, she’s riding Continue Reading

Off To School! Playmobil School Bus | LPS Pup Saves The Day

(dog whining) oh I know Filipe, I don’t want to go either. I had the riding accident and I got this stupid note saying that I can’t play and run on the playground. (dog whining) I wish you could go with me – boy. I guess the bus just needs Continue Reading


– [Woman] Yeah, he’ll be fine. – [Kayla] I’m not standing behind him though. – [Connie] Hi! – [Shawn] Hi, horsey! What’s your name? – [Woman] Rusty. – [Shawn] Hi, Rusty, look at you! – [Connie] Rusty, look at this one! – [Man] You take Amiga. – [Shawn] We’ve got Continue Reading

Horseback Riding and Zip Lining In Jurassic World! / That YouTub3 Family jumanji

– Hi guys, welcome back to… – [Both] The YouTube Family! – And today we are at Kualoa Ranch. – Yep. – And we’re kind of all splitting up today and we’re not going to be able to record it all but Jordan and I are going horseback riding. – Continue Reading

Jackson’s FIRST HORSE LESSON Turns Out Terrible 😫

(upbeat music) – Is this a family effort? Is it a family effort to get Tommy dressed for the day? – [Ellie] Yes. – [Jared] Is that what’s going on mister Tommy boy? Hi. – [Calvin] I keep falling. – [Jared] Are you feeling better today? – [Ellie] Yes. – Continue Reading