First time Ice Skating | Preparing for winter

Hello I’m skating. I have this one and this one. This one. . Look. I call this my “Dragon Skates” Go Mommy! Go Mommy! Go Mommy! Daddy! Be careful! He’s so funny! My mommy is so good No, No, No! You are so goofy! Did you see? Did you see Continue Reading


(upbeat music) – [Tiffany] Happy birthday! Do you feel like you’re 12? Say, ‘Happy birthday, sister!’ – [Clintus] Bam! – [Tiffany] Ooh, that’s some light. (Sierra laughs) Happy birthday! – Thank you. (funny noise) – [Tiffany] Why did you wake up in such a good mood? Is it ’cause it’s Continue Reading

Ice Skating Lessons!

Hey Buddy! Bodycheck! Ohhh! Down he goes! Oh no Help him up dad. He’s struggling Help him up Here. Give me your hand. I’ll help Good Job HI YOUTUBE CHANNEL

Swimmers and Unicorns In Real Life!

– Good morning, guys! We are at Granny and Pappy’s still and we’re getting ready for another day of filming and we’re giving a horsie a bath! (lively synth music) Jacob the stud muffin helping me shampoo the horse. This horse right here is going to be a unicorn today. Continue Reading

Hiking Camelback Mountain For The First Time |

(upbeat music) – Good morning clan, welcome to Friday, it’s Friday, Friday. We’re here, Camelback Mountain doing our weekly hike, as I said, as I just said we would. As foretold we’ve got the Bevos with us, or at least two out of the three Bevos. Jack’s got to work, Continue Reading