Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, on the ranch we have cows, and calves of course. Chickens and horses, lots of barn cats and even a few pigs. But a couple of critters that roam the grounds may just surprise you, cause just like everything around here, they have a job to do Continue Reading

Extreme Cold on the Ranch

hi I’m Mike our first real winter storm is on the way and we’re expecting temperatures down into the low teens over the next few days and anywhere from a couple inches of snow to a foot so really we aren’t quite ready for it and today we’re going to Continue Reading

The Ranch Tour

Hi, I’m Mike and today I get a chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, take you for a tour of the ranch, on Our Wyoming Life. If you’ve been watching us for a while, you have been all over the ranch, from the barn Continue Reading

Winter Begins on the Ranch

Hi, I’m Mike and this week we woke up to find winter upon us, snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. As mother nature descends upon us with her inconsistent and two-faced personality, it’s time to get the ranch ready for winter. That means getting vehicles and tractors put away, Continue Reading

Brush Hogging Tall Grass with a Bush Hog Tractor Mower

Here you can see what I’m dealing with I’ve got a couple feet maybe three feet of grass here. And I mow out here about 10 acres so 10 acres with the riding mower with this tall grass would just kill me but instead i can take the bush hog Continue Reading

Horses – America’s Heartland: Episode 902

America’s Heartland is made possible by… Farm Credit – financing agriculture and rural America since 1916. Farm Credit is cooperatively owned by America’s farmers and ranchers. Learn more at Croplife America.. Representing the companies whose modern farming innovations help America’s farmers provide nutritious food for communities around the globe. Continue Reading

CGRundertow LET’S RIDE! BEST IN BREED 3D for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Because Nintenhorses hasn’t been made yet, it’s Let’s Ride! Best In Breed 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. What a freaking title, and what a freaking game! If you like foals. Hmph, looks like a pony to me. And actually, as dumb as it sounds, Nintenhorses would probably be a much Continue Reading