There were skaters other than Virtue & Moir? | 22 Minutes

The biggest Canadian story to come out of this year’s Olympics was the world’s newfound obsession with ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. We were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with the pair so here they are…! Oh you’re not Viture and Moir… – Oh yeah, way Continue Reading

Figure Skating Tournament Elsa Anna My Life As Baby Dolls | Sled Dance Figure | ToysReview ToyCampus

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How tough is an Ice Dancing Workout? | Hitting the Wall

Come on. Come on. (HITTING THE WALL) (KARINA AND CARMEN (TRAIN FOR ICE DANCING) We’ve been so lucky with the weather, huh? I know. It’s been hot every single day. I’m actually starting to get kind of warm. So we should probably go cool off. And we’ve had a lot Continue Reading

Ideas for Ice Skating Music #3: Casino Royale

Ideas for Ice Skating Music #3: Casino Royale by David Arnold. A music edit by the Skating Music Guy, to give you ideas for your next skating program. #3 in a monthly series. The bursts of noise are to deter illegal downloading. I edited this but the original music is Continue Reading

According To Kids | Figure Skating | CBC Kids

DASH IEN:Figure Skating.VALENTINA:According To Kids.Figure skating… Figure skating is… You have to go on ice. So you’re like dancing on ice. ♪♪♪ NALINI:They have to do specific jumps.Sow-wow, cow-wow, show-wow, crow-wow. (LAUGHS) Triple shalchow is… They make a noise of a cow… (MOOS) They shine a flashlight on the ceiling. Continue Reading

Alexandra Trusova / Skate Canada 2019 Behind the scenes

I have been waiting for this moment for a long time, I like everything here.Even in training, I feel support. No matter how these competitions end, I am glad to be here. I love competition when there are many strong athletes. I just need to make my program clean, and Continue Reading

Alexandra Trusova is ready for the Rostelecom Cup 2019

Today the ice will become hot. The 5th stage of the Grand Prix series will be held in Moscow. The Quad Queen Alexandra Trusova missed the home. Sasha made the jumping revolution at the Grand Prix in Canada in the image of the mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen. Emilia Clark Continue Reading

Episode 31 – The Cost of Figure Skating (feat. Interview with Tim Koleto)

Taeri: You’re In The Loop – we’re here to discuss the ups, downs and sideways of the sport of figure skating, and maybe give you +5 GOE along the way. Let’s introduce this weeks hosts. Hi, I’m Taeri, and I’m lamenting how I’m too broke to consider attending any events Continue Reading