Ice Skating and stuff | Our favorite videos of 2018

hey guys we are celebrating New Year’s today it is New Year’s Eve right now so we are going to go ice-skating as a family all of us. Say hi Pia. If you are new here, I’m DG and that’s Pia. And together we’re DG & Pia. We do lots Continue Reading

1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Previews Olympic Figure Skating | TODAY

Episode 44 – Cultural Appropriation in Figure Skating

Maryam: You’re In the Loop! We’re here to discuss the ups, downs, and sideways of the sport of figure skating, and maybe give you +5 GOE along the way. Let’s introduce this week’s hosts. Lae: Hi, I’m Lae. I’m being defeated by Australian time zones, and work exhaustion but valiantly Continue Reading

My Not-So-First-Time Ice Skating! | Vlogmas (but not really)

Hey everyone! I don’t know if you can hear me But, we found some shelter We came into this cafe place and they have heated lamps So, we’ve warmed up now I was freezing before I couldn’t move my body or my hands and stuff and my friend lent me Continue Reading

Ice Skating: Cannon Tutorial

Hey guys! Another pretty cool trick. Everybody I asked told me the name is cannon. I finally learned this, turned out to be a little bit easier than I thought. Now I’m sharing my findings with you. The trick is similar to the spiderman but not because of the position. Continue Reading

Homework Hotline Move to Include: Special Olympics Figure Skating

(Music) (Jeanne Epping) I’m a coach for Special Olympics Silver Blades, which is a figure skating club out of Rochester, New York. We skate out of Lakeshore Hockey Arena. I’m one of the coaches. We have a few coaches and our club promotes skating for people with disabilities. We have Continue Reading

Hockey Players Try To Keep Up With Figure Skaters | SELF

Ice skating on a bridge??? // Winter vlog

We have found this place It’s so beautiful and we’re going to go and ice skate We shall see how that goes What’s it called… be right back update We found ice on bridge so we’re trying to ice skate here We have not found the real place yet So Continue Reading

Olympic Athletes Shirt Fell Off During Figure Skating Routine – PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games

How’s it going YouTube I am Landon Dowlatsingh and I am back from Aruba I just landed a few days ago and I had a great time. As soon as I landed though I found out my dads dog was going into a shelter to possibly be put down so Continue Reading