Twins on Ice – Episode 1 [GER] / [ENG – Subs] Twins Figure Skating

One week till the competition starts Hello, my name is Emilia, I am 8 years old, And I am a figure skater. I like it ‘couse… … the “Elements” are alot of fun! “Elements” are for example Pirouettes and jumps. Then there is… … doing stuff on one leg for Continue Reading

88-Year-Old Figure Skater I Steve Harvey

– Before we go, I’d like to take a moment to talk about this woman. There’s an 88-year old, Coralie Raunig, who after taking a 45-year hiatus from ice skating, took it up when she was 65-years old. – [Woman] Wow! – Now although everybody thought she was crazy for Continue Reading

Olympic figure skating gold, silver medalists S.Korea for ice show Alina Zagitova, Evgenia Medvedeva

Figure Skating World Championship caps season for Koreans 세계 피겨스케이팅 챔피언십 결과

And while the rhythmic gymnastics season just kicked off,… the 2014-2015 Figure Skating season came to end,… with the conclusion of the World Figure Skating Championships in Shanghai. And for the Korean figure skaters,… it was a season of ups and downs. Now season would come to an end with Continue Reading

S. Korean figure skater Lim Eun-soo wins gold medal at 2019 Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy

now in Sports News South Korean figure skater in ensue has won the gold medal in the women’s single events of the 2019 Asian open figure skating trophy at the competition in Dongguan China on Sunday him scored sixty six point eight four in the short program on Saturday and Continue Reading

How to Ice Skate : How to Do a Left Foot Outside 3 Turn on Ice Skates

Hi I?m Simone Fisher and I’m here at Clearwater Ice Arena in sunny Clearwater Florida, on behalf of Expert Village, o k where going to start out with the left foot outside 3-turn and the way you would like to begin this is to just learn the arm positions by Continue Reading

You Young finishes runner-up at U.S. Int’l Figure Skating Classic

south korean figure skater you young finish runner-up at the US international figure skating classic the fifteen-year-old figure skater receives a total score of one hundred ninety nine point two nine at the competition held in Utah Saturday local time she successively she successfully landed a triple axel in the Continue Reading