DAILY VIDEO REPORTS: Day 4 Interview with CC Skiing Sprint (Women) Medalists

Whew, this was a smaller course than I anticipated which made the race challenging as we were too close to each other…and I finished second. Yes, I’ve won silver in the past. Oh, at first, I didn’t think I would perform well as short course races aren’t my strongest, I Continue Reading

Slovenian Mountain Trail – A hiking adventure

It´s our second day on the trail and these are the first mountain views we get since all summits were covered in fog so far. The first sunny day, makes a huge difference. It’s much more fun right now and for the first time we get some proper views. Today Continue Reading

Hockey Players try Red Bull Crashed Ice Track for the first time WITHOUT Practice!

It won’t matter because the ice that’s kind of soft it’s even like no sharpening your Sunday They’ve never been wrong or like matter. Yeah Yes can I’m gonna do behind you sweat get you Jersey and get a shot of it, you know Well, I’ll just wait here yo Continue Reading

Tony Hawk Skates First Downward Spiral Loop – BTS

uh Am I looking forward to this to be honest when I when I realized that this got the green light and that Sony’s behind it. I had intense anxiety for two days straight. I Couldn’t stop thinking about it. Is it real will it really work? I have no Continue Reading

Malaysia’s first Olympic Figure Skater trained in a Shopping Mall | Far From Home

Figure skating is a blend of many, many things. You need the balance of a gymnast. The elegance of a ballerina. The speed of a speed skater. Everything has to go well together and we have to do it on the ice. And look good at the same time. (FAR Continue Reading