1998 Olympic Gold Medalist Tara Lipinski Previews Olympic Figure Skating | TODAY


– Morning, trainiacs. Gonna be a fairly easy little swim today. What we’re gonna talk about is how often and how to breathe for freestyle triathlon swimming. All right, stick around. (upbeat electronic dance music) (upbeat electronic dance music) (upbeat electronic dance music) AlL right, so one of the biggest Continue Reading

Josh Amberger’s Triathlon Swim Stroke: The Best Pro Triathlon Swimmer

– Morning Trainiacs. We have what coach Jerry from Tower 26 would describe as a big training deposit today. Big swim, little bit of a water run because my feets are still kind of tender from some of the running that I did on the weekend, but other big things. Continue Reading

New Wave SWIM BUOY Review: Open Water Swim Confidence

– Morning, Trainiacs. We got a little care package yesterday that I’m gonna go try here today. Until now, I have been quite the curmudgeon about this product, actually. So these ended up showing up and I put out on Instagram that I was doing some research on ’em and Continue Reading


What’s up, everyone! This is Yu Yoneya from Total Skiing Fitness. Today, I’m here at Hakuba 47 because it’s an opening day! The actual opening day was yesterday and just one chairlift was in operation. But today, Hakuba 47 has opened 70% of the whole skiing area. We’ve already taken Continue Reading

10.03.2016 – Alex’ Speedskate Equipment 2016 | ENGLISH Junker inline speed skating HD www.eAlex.me

Hi folks! Today I’m gonna show you my speedskate of 2016. Here we go: My shoes are again Junkersports this year. You can see, they are all new – I wear it only one time until now. The shoes are custom boots – they are build on the basis of Continue Reading

【スキー】TOP TO BOTTOM @ かぐらスキー場

Hey, what’s up! This is Yu Yoneya with Total Skiing Fitness. So, today I’m gonna do “Top to Bottom” and it’s been a while since I did this last year. I don’t wanna get injured in the early season, so take it easy. I have the same feeling since the Continue Reading

BMW BERLIN-MARATHON | Key points of the inline skating course

Hey everybody! I am Ewen Fernandez. We are now on the course of the BMW BERLIN-MARATHON to show you some key points of the race. The first one is about sharp corners. We are now in Friedrichstraße at kilometer 8 of the BERLIN-MARATHON to show you one of the sharp Continue Reading