CAN’T BELIEVE SHE SAID…| Vlogmas Day 2 Ice Skating Proposal ⛸

found great good good good good and mortals don’t lock starting off the day going to the gym we’re working out legs today not my favorite this is a six week program mi40x my goal is to lose 15 pounds gaining muscle losing my distinction I like this machine I Continue Reading


Hi Guys, Welcome to “The Beyond Love Family!” Hi, welcome! peekaboo, peekaboo, peekaboo We just went ice skating for the very first time! Good. It’s a challenge the first time right? There you go, you’re going to feel it, you’re going to feel it. Because he’s fearless! He’s a natural Continue Reading

LAST TO LEAVE THE SWIM CENTER wins $1000 Kids Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

(Music: We the #Legends) We are doing the last one to leave our dads business. wins one thousand dollars! But don’t worry we have consulted some medical experts to see if this challenge is safe. I declare the last to leave the swim school challenge is safe. Step inside! Step Continue Reading

Swimming with a Giant Saltwater Crocodile | Fearless Adventures with Jack Randall

JACK: I’m researching the descendants of dinosaurs. Ah, I’ve got it. In the waters of Australia. CHARLIE: These things want to eat you. JACK: This is absolutely massive. JACK: I can see a little croc. I’m going to try and creep up and see if I can get it. He’s Continue Reading

Saturn’s Skate Rink | Weird But True! Shorts

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Swimming With a Small Shark | What Sam Sees

hey guys it’s me Sam okay we’re going on a dangerous dive down deep and dare to check out his species of fish that’s been ruling the waves since the age of the dinosaur have you seen it it has beady eyes a pointy fin really sharp teeth and it Continue Reading

TOP Walking on Water Challenge! Awesome Swimming Pool Games!

(video game music) – [Kyle] Welcome back to Kyle’s toys and games. Let’s have some fun. (splashing water) – What’s up guys? Today we’re showing you five awesome pool games that we love to play in our pool. Because we moved into this house, with an awesome pool, and we Continue Reading

Tractors Wheels Go Round And Round | Cartoons For Kids | Nursery Rhymes For Babies By Farmees

“Hey Farmees! Watch the tractor go!” The tractor’s wheels go round and round Round and round Round and round The tractor’s wheels go round and round All through the farm The tractor’s treads go plough plough plough Plough plough plough Plough plough plough The tractor’s treads go plough plough plough Continue Reading

SWIMMING POOL inside the HOUSE!?? Barbie Dream Boat Pretend Play with Dolphin Magic 🐬

– How are we gonna get all this water outside? – Oh no! – Grab it. It’s too heavy for me. It’s spilling. – It’s not going to fit through that door. – I will dump it down the stairs. Whee. Whee. (singing) – (laughing) The Dolphin. – Okay, this Continue Reading

Horse Stable Barn Playset For Kids – Animals Toys Video

Welcome to Racetoytime! Hi Guys! Racetoytime here. Today I’m going to show you this Breyer Horse Crazy stable play set This play set comes with a horse stable and a horse And now let’s open up this box so we can start building Now the horse stable is done Let’s Continue Reading