Ski Snowboard with an Airstream caravan in the French Alps [CC]

[wind noise] Hello and welcome to Les Arcs in the French Alps [music] (I’m) trying to hold this camera steady while we’re going up a chairlift and it’s not always easy. Currently on my first snowboarding for many years since my knee injury that I did kite surfing. So a Continue Reading

Carving & Freeride Fun || Spring Snowboarding, France 2019

Is it recording? First 3 days *WERE* fun! (I know, I know :P) Oh yes! Oh nooo!!! 😀 Because you are… no internet man! No juice (internet) Hello Fuck me! Personal best!!! o.O What a f…. ride! Men, I’ve never shredd so fast! Wind was stopping me!!!:P Freedom for feet! Continue Reading

🛹 La Guerre du Skate – TV Quiberon 24/7


Hey guys it’sa me, Tiago the French inline skater and welcome to the new episode of Inline skating Paris! As you can see, today I’m not skating alone, there’s a Buch of inline skaters around me, it’s because we are in a little even that happens every week, the Sunday Continue Reading


Hey guys, it’s me Tiago the french inline skater and today, I have a little something to tell you I’m gonna change my skating style I’ll start aggressive skating Why? Now I have to admit, but I absolutely love watching aggressive skating videos on YouTube Nick Lomax, Eugen Enin, Montre Continue Reading

Breathtaking Oceancoast Hiking | Day 4 of Camino del Norte from Irún to San Sebastián

Hello and good morning from our epic location at the oceanside! We had a beautiful night, it was very quiet, we slept really well except for the slope that it was going downhill. The night was very warm because trees protect us from wind. So it was very quiet and Continue Reading


hey guys it’s me Tiago French line skater and welcome to my new video today we’ll be at low in Paris I would like to pull judge not between any video last week I was very sick except really I’ve had a rough transition from to gate 16 to 17 Continue Reading