How to Snowboard : Linking Turns on a Snowboard

In this segment, after you’ve learned your J-turns, we’re going to go ahead and put those two different turns together. And, that’s called linking your turns. Basically, you’re just going to want to do your J-turns with a small pause instead of a stop in between. And, that’s how you Continue Reading

LINE 2019/2020 Pandora Collection Skis – Women’s Specific All Mountain Performance

go hello I’m Hadley hammer I’m from Jackson Hole Wyoming the pandora series is actually the sick day series as well just with a female top sheet and I think there’s something really cool about that so you’re getting that same performance out of the sick day ski just with Continue Reading

How to Fly a Powered Para Glider : What Is Powered Paragliding?

Welcome to Expert Village. My name is Hugh Murphy with Surf the Sky Paragliding. In this clip, we’re going to talk about how to get started in powered paragliding. One of the best ways is to watch some of your friends or neighbors who are powered paragliding pilots and ask Continue Reading

LGR – Snowboard Santa – PC Game Review

[electronic version of “Little Drummer Boy”] [fizz, sip] Aahhh! [typing] So today’s game… I have no idea how I got it. Seriously, it just showed up in my download folder one day. I swear, I had never heard of it, much less sought it out. And yet, here it is! Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : How to Strap into Snowboard Bindings

In this segment, we’re going to learn a little bit about our bindings, the things that hold your feet to your board. They?re pretty important. You want a good relationship with them. This here is their highback. This would be your heel strap and toe strap. These are your ladders. Continue Reading

Snowboarding : Snowboard Spinning Tips

Alright, so the next freestyle trick you want to learn is called the 180. Basically, what you do is your full body makes a one hundred and eighty degree rotation. You face from either one way to the other way. What happens with this, it’s all about flexing extension of Continue Reading

How To Fly a Powered Paraglider Trike : The Right Ultralight Trike for You

CHAD BASTIAN: Hi, this is Chad Bastian, welcome to Expert Village. We’re here to talk about the trike buggy and PPG triking with paragliders. Okay, in this segment, we’re going to be talking about choosing a PPG trike and why I developed the trike buggy. So, many people are afraid Continue Reading

How to Snowboard : How to Carve Heelside on a Snowboard

In this segment, we’re going to be talking a little bit about how to make a toe to heelside turn. It’s the same basic concept as the one you just did. It’s just about shifting your weight from your toes to your heel edge and confidence. Let’s go do it. Continue Reading

Snowboarding : C Snowboarding Turns

Now on the C-turns is your first-is a way to learn to transition from edge to edge. Now transition is really difficult in snowboarding. But what it starts off with, we can start off with our heel edge. I’m going to go this way. Just short little “C”s. I’m going Continue Reading