TI Swimming Faster Presentation Part 1 – Solving the Speed Problem: Why it makes us crazy

The title of the talk solving the speed problem and my thought to talk on this topic came from… There are just constant questions about,”How do I get faster? on that forum. And most of the answers I see posted I have this feeling been there done that, that is Continue Reading

How To Flip Turn | Freestyle Swimming Tips For Beginners

– The flip turn, or tumble turn as some of us know it, has been causing frustration for swimmers and triatheletes for many years. – Yeah and it’s hardly surprising, I mean you are flipping yourself upside down, under water. You can get disorientated, water up your nose, misjudge your Continue Reading

What Is High Elbow Swimming? | 4 Tips For Freestyle Swimming Technique

– Would you like to swim faster? Of course you would. Well, one of the best ways to do that is to focus on high elbow swimming. But what on earth is high elbow swimming? Well, it’s a phrase that we hear time and time again and for a very Continue Reading

Freestyle swimming technique: Breaking 1 minute in 100 meters | Boat freestyle

This video has 6 parts: This 100 meters all out freestyle swimming demonstration. A strategy to swim 100 meters fast 5 Common problems 17 Exercises to help you break the 1:00 barrier A section for you to help me drop 1 second A Giveaway. Strategy The strategy to swim a Continue Reading

Freestyle Swimming tutorial. Hands. Part 1. How to improve your Freestyle Swim Technique | Beginners

Any sport requires you to develop your kinesthetic intelligence in order to improve. So let’s get started with the basics. This part of your hand is extremely sensitive. Use this to your advantage as you improve your stroke. When you swim feel how the water moves through them. In order Continue Reading

How To Stop Your Legs Sinking Whilst Swimming | The Most Common Swim Mistake?

– Right, I’ve got a question for you. When you’re swimming and you look down, can you see your toes almost dragging along the bottom of the pool? – Okay I’m going to put money on this one. I think that the most common problem for newbie swimmers is getting Continue Reading

5 Pro Tips To Swim Faster With Lucy Charles

– Swimming may be your strongest discipline or it may be your weakest. Either way, we’re all searching for ways to swim faster. So we’ve got the help of uber swimmer Lucy Charles. – So here are my top five tips for swimming faster. (mellow electronic music) Hey, so my Continue Reading

Swimming Tutorial. Breathing. Part 2. How to improve your Freestyle Technique. Head position

The best way to learn new skills is to focus on one thing and practice it frequently. The next time you swim it is a good idea to focus on your shoulders and head position as explained on these 4 points. Your eyes should be pointing between the surface and Continue Reading

Swim Freestyle: Body Position & Technique | Front Crawl Swimming

(upbeat music) – Today, we’re talking about establishing a good freestyle body position in the water. Having the correct body position in the water allows us to be more streamlined, which not only ensures that we improve our efficiency as we swim, but will aid our stroke and help us Continue Reading

Swimming Freestyle smooth. Learn how to swim easy graceful front crawl..

Smooth freestyle Knowing how to swim smooth freestyle is essential for lap swimmers, triathletes, open water swimmers, waterpolo players, crossfit athletes and basically anyone wanting to swim as a workout. The first thing to note is the position of the body. The more horizontal your body is, the easier it Continue Reading