My Inline Skating Setup (2017)

hey guys it’s me Tiago the french Inline skater I often get asked about my inline skating setup so here is a video about it I consider myself as a freestyle skier and I use case I have been built for this task so let’s talk about my main scale Continue Reading

SKATEBOARD WHEELS: All You Need To Know – Skate Setup | Titus


so I just came back from my last photoshoot and I’ve been invited to go to the ice skate rink with some friends and I’m not really ice skater let’s get it on ice like three times I guess I don’t have any ice skates but I’ll take the rental Continue Reading

Skate World: France

SAMIR KRIM: That was a fun cruise. Like, we would just go from Bastille, which is on the other side of town, and we would just ride, you know? All along the Seine. Come skate that spot, then go skate that spot, then go skate the museum. And in the Continue Reading


hey guys itsa me tiago the french inline skater and I’m happy to tell you about our how to do crossover this is a technique every man skater should know let me show you how to do it a crossover is there is burn and gain:feed at the same time Continue Reading

The Rebel who Pioneered Freestyle Skiing at the Olympics – Edgar Grospiron | Legends Live On

I think I’m a rebel. A bit of a party animal. His motto was “ski, sex and rock ‘n’ roll”. We thought, “He’s different.” He raised his sport up and showed us all. I was ready for any circumstance. (LEGENDS LIVE ON) (ACCORHOTELS ARENA, PARIS) Friends, please help me welcome Continue Reading

2018 Winter Olympics WARDROBE MALFUNCTION While Figure Skating In Pyeongchang | What’s Trending Now!

An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction has overshadowed the Winter Games for a pair of French ice dancers. Welcome back to What’s Trending, I’m Shira Lazar. Be sure to like this video and subscribe for more social media news daily. Gabrielle Papadakis and Guillaume Cizeron were near the beginning of their program Continue Reading

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR BEARINGS- Inline Skating tutorial #3

fast tutorial today I’ll show you how to remove aberrant she professed and very easily you will underneath the allen wrench that comes with escape or an allen wrench with a bearing remover let’s start with the classic way with the allen wrench becomes the first case this one can Continue Reading


Hello les amis Alors aujourd’hui point de parkour Mais grande annonce Je suis passé du skate normal au skate électrique Je vais tout vous dire par rapport à ça mais d’abord changement de décor Donc voilà les amis, demarrons directement la vidéo Donc pour tout vous dire, ça fait plus Continue Reading

Anatomy Of A Figure Skater: What Are Maé-Bérénice Méité’s Hidden Powers?

We’ve taken six of the world’s top athletes, to find out what it takes to make a true Olympian. That’s it, come on! As we push their bodies to the max. (ANATOMY OF A FIGURE SKATER) Now, what we expect a figure skater to be is number one – strong. Continue Reading