Livigno 2018 Snowboarding with friends || Carosello & Mottolino Shredding || GoPro Session 5

#oh sweet jesus #it’s all about the speed, remember! #ha! almost got him #she’s so fuckin’ fast, right? #I saw you shredding fuuuck, like fuckin’ nuts #yup 😀 #fuck, I don’t even have strenght to keep my balance on a board #I see it clears up there, we’ll go over Continue Reading

تعلمت التزلج في يوم واحد فلوق#28 || How To Ice Skating In One Day Vlog#28

SALAM today I will go to the third largest city in America Right now I am in Wichita, Kansas come with me, I will show you that’s my Location in Wichita,KS I will drive all the way to Chicago Let’s go and check it out I left my apartment knowing Continue Reading

December 2019

hi I just I just finished college I’m graduating on Saturday (dog groan) That’s my dog, Hello Bella I don’t know I’m glad I’m finally done I mean it’s in a major that I don’t care about anymore and I don’t wanna do that with my life So, I don’t Continue Reading

Lisa Kudrow has never watched Friends

Hiking Deer Mountain with Friends | Ketchikan, AK

[Harvey: running away.] The squad was 9-deep, now it’s 8-deep. :/ But we’re hiking Deer Mountain! [super fun music] Ryan: You never know if you’re gonna meet a Tinder match on the trail. Mo: Oh shoot, gimme that brush then. Kaitlyn: Just slicking my hair back. Mo: Dried, flattened bananas! Continue Reading

Lifia Niala belajar bermain sepatu roda – lets play inline Skating Rollerblade

There is a package Friends, Niala got roller skate Let’s open it Friends, Here is the skate a roller skate Thank you for buying roller skate for me, Papa We will unwrap this first, Friends… It is beautiful Should I push it, Papa? Let’s try to wear it Friends, Alifia Continue Reading


How are you, people ? I’d like to have a badass intro… But it’s 7.00 am and … … my brain is cloudy. So we’ll do with this intro… Hi everyone ! Welcome to this new vlog Right, today the weather is pretty bad. I think it will rain very Continue Reading

The Nicest Life – Skate and Explore Aracaju with Sergio Santoro – Episode 4

Eae! nesse episodio estou viajando para uma cidade do nordeste do Brasil chamada Aracaju Vou ficar hospedado na casa do meu amigao Charles. É a minha primeira vez que venho a Aracaju e estou super animado, espero que voces curtam mais um nicest life, novas costumes e bons momentos Junto Continue Reading