Lisa Kudrow has never watched Friends

Hiking Deer Mountain with Friends | Ketchikan, AK

[Harvey: running away.] The squad was 9-deep, now it’s 8-deep. :/ But we’re hiking Deer Mountain! [super fun music] Ryan: You never know if you’re gonna meet a Tinder match on the trail. Mo: Oh shoot, gimme that brush then. Kaitlyn: Just slicking my hair back. Mo: Dried, flattened bananas! Continue Reading

Lifia Niala belajar bermain sepatu roda – lets play inline Skating Rollerblade

There is a package Friends, Niala got roller skate Let’s open it Friends, Here is the skate a roller skate Thank you for buying roller skate for me, Papa We will unwrap this first, Friends… It is beautiful Should I push it, Papa? Let’s try to wear it Friends, Alifia Continue Reading


How are you, people ? I’d like to have a badass intro… But it’s 7.00 am and … … my brain is cloudy. So we’ll do with this intro… Hi everyone ! Welcome to this new vlog Right, today the weather is pretty bad. I think it will rain very Continue Reading

The Nicest Life – Skate and Explore Aracaju with Sergio Santoro – Episode 4

Eae! nesse episodio estou viajando para uma cidade do nordeste do Brasil chamada Aracaju Vou ficar hospedado na casa do meu amigao Charles. É a minha primeira vez que venho a Aracaju e estou super animado, espero que voces curtam mais um nicest life, novas costumes e bons momentos Junto Continue Reading

Ice Skating Lessons

[Music Playing]

VLOG_4 Hiking and Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day!

oi hehe aah! it works I just had a nap And yeah, thats.. Why am I saying that as an intro to this video? It’s the 16th of May, which means tomorrow is the 17th of May which means it’s the Norwegian Constitution Day. That’s what it means. But before Continue Reading

Cara Delevingne Ate a Rat for Bear Grylls

-Thank you for coming back to the show. Thank you for doing that Scary Stories… -Thank you for having me. -…with Bill and I. Do you scare easily? I have a feeling that you don’t. -Boo. -No, not scaring me, but do you get scared? -I feel like having older Continue Reading

Women Try Roller Derby For 30 Days

– [Woman] I just really want to do well at this sport. – [Woman] I’m expecting to feel really good at the end of this. – I’m ready to conquer something that not a lot of people know about. For 30 days we are training to be LA Derby Dolls Continue Reading

Friends – HD – The Videotape

Forget it she’s destroying it no wait okay ma bell and arrest i’m i’m not fake and get it to be okay it’s rituals that you can do whatever she wants with it as she wants to destroy it in-store i wanna see it clearly you don’t want people to Continue Reading