Cole Sprouse RECOGNIZES Brooklyn and Bailey! | Behind the Braids Ep.65

– So we were talking with Cole Sprouse, and he thought we’d met before, and I was like, I think I’d remember that! – In my dreams! – Okay so we know that your character Betty and Jughead are dating in the show, but what is your relationship outside of Continue Reading


(upbeat music) – Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn and Bailey, and today’s video we are going to be going on an Oklahoma trip to see our friends, Cameron and Kenny, and Kelly and Corey, and they live in Oklahoma, and they’ve been begging us to come down. So, we decided to Continue Reading

Horseback Riding and Zip Lining In Jurassic World! / That YouTub3 Family jumanji

– Hi guys, welcome back to… – [Both] The YouTube Family! – And today we are at Kualoa Ranch. – Yep. – And we’re kind of all splitting up today and we’re not going to be able to record it all but Jordan and I are going horseback riding. – Continue Reading

Rylan Gets BRACES!!! | Behind the Braids Family Vlog Ep.42

(cheery music) – (Female) Good job, Bailey! – Whoah! – But I learned a lot about “Pinkalicious,” I feel very well-educated right now. – (Female) Shaun and Sunna found the party box. Ahh, we’ve had some good laughs already. (upbeat music) – Hey, guys, it’s Rylan, and– – Paisley. – Continue Reading