Doug Asks Gene If He’ll Skate With Courtney | Season 9 Ep. 8 | BOB’S BURGERS

[music playing] Ah, another day, another dollar. It’s not school if you love what you do. Guys, I told Alex I’d wait for him. Ugh, are you two going to play that interesting, not embarrassing game you made up? What’s it called, Robot Something Basement Time? Robo Wizard Quest. There Continue Reading

Pop Team Epic – Skiing, Singing & Killing

EVERY SKATER EVER – Skateboarding Stereotypes

Ahh, this ledge has no wax on it. There we go, yeah. Yes. The more wax, the better, guys… Welcome, everybody to another episode of Skateline NBD… Hey man, can you hand me a napkin? They’re in the glovebox. Yeah man, I got you. Whoah… Do you have enough crap Continue Reading

THIS GAME IS SO EASY | Sexy Hiking #2

*WHAPOOSH* TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YA LADIES My name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to the sexiest hiking you’re gonna see today, so Funny story, went back into the game. I was like “I’m ready. I’m ready.” First two levels done, I can do the third level no problem! Continue Reading

How did Elizabeth Learn How to Swim? Watch her Win

(laughs) “It’s Elizabeth’s first bath.” (Cute baby sounds) (More cute baby sounds) “Yay!” “Yay!” (Adorable baby talk.) “Good girl.” (faint) “Yay!” “Good girl.” “No!” “Yay!” “Good job!” “You did it!” “Okay, go to Mom.” “You want to go to the wall?” “Go to the wall.” “Right behind you.” “Go, go, Continue Reading

Super Swimmers: She doesn’t know how to swim! SuperHeroKids

(high energy rock music) (children playing) (sighing) (splashing) (dramatic bass music) – Oh! Oh no, my ring! (slow bouncy woodwind music) Today is the day I will overcome my fear of swimming! (yelling) (splashing) – Pizza, pizza, pizza, pizza. – Hey Noah. – What’s up Eden? – Can you help Continue Reading

There were skaters other than Virtue & Moir? | 22 Minutes

The biggest Canadian story to come out of this year’s Olympics was the world’s newfound obsession with ice dancers Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir. We were lucky enough to score an exclusive interview with the pair so here they are…! Oh you’re not Viture and Moir… – Oh yeah, way Continue Reading

GIANT World’s Largest Inflatable Swimming Pool Floatie Biggest Water Slide!!💧🦄