Hot Wheels Tracks Swimming Pool Bridge Adventure!

Pumpkins in the Swimming Pool! Filling my Pool with Pumpkins What Happens?!

Sports of the Paralympic Winter Games: Cross-Country Skiing

Para cross-country skiing is a snow sport where athletes with physical and vision impairments race long distance across a variety of terrains. The sport made its Paralympic debut at the 1976 Paralympic Winter Games in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. Finland, Norway and Russia hold the most Paralympic medals for cross-country skiing. Cross-country Continue Reading

Hiking Camelback Mountain For The First Time |

(upbeat music) – Good morning clan, welcome to Friday, it’s Friday, Friday. We’re here, Camelback Mountain doing our weekly hike, as I said, as I just said we would. As foretold we’ve got the Bevos with us, or at least two out of the three Bevos. Jack’s got to work, Continue Reading

TOP Walking on Water Challenge! Awesome Swimming Pool Games!

(video game music) – [Kyle] Welcome back to Kyle’s toys and games. Let’s have some fun. (splashing water) – What’s up guys? Today we’re showing you five awesome pool games that we love to play in our pool. Because we moved into this house, with an awesome pool, and we Continue Reading


– [PZ9] You spy ninjas with your spy pens. (grunts) – Yeah, yeah, of course. – [Daniel] Yeah, they’re just pens. – [PZ9] I’m still gonna go to VidCon and hack thousands of YouTubers! Are you two still with me? – Yeah, in fact I just stole this VidCon pass Continue Reading


*fart* great!!!! come come here, come here come here come cooomeee ok, give me a kiss I know you want it ok now you know what i have to do, right? you know what I have to do venga hey no!!! dont go now!!! dont leave me like this!!! dont Continue Reading

Match the Job to the Person | Lineup | Cut

– Okay, give me a good spin. (laughter) (applause) Help, my house is on fire! Yeah, Brittany’s a firefighter, for sure. (“In the Hall of the Mountain King” by Edvard Grieg) – Hi, I’m Timmy Rogar, I’m a drag queen and a bartender. – My name is Alex Alexander. – Continue Reading

Giant Water Wubble Bubble Super Wubbles Balloon Bubble Ball Never Pops Adventure 2018!!

– [Carl] Kyle, what are you doing up there? – I’m riding a horse! – [Carl] You are riding a horse. That’s awesome! – Also known as a pony! – Oh! Hey guys, welcome to the Carl and Jinger family video where ever day is a new day. And we’re Continue Reading