Ducks and Geese on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, on the ranch we have cows, and calves of course. Chickens and horses, lots of barn cats and even a few pigs. But a couple of critters that roam the grounds may just surprise you, cause just like everything around here, they have a job to do Continue Reading

Extreme Cold on the Ranch

hi I’m Mike our first real winter storm is on the way and we’re expecting temperatures down into the low teens over the next few days and anywhere from a couple inches of snow to a foot so really we aren’t quite ready for it and today we’re going to Continue Reading

The Ranch Tour

Hi, I’m Mike and today I get a chance to do something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, take you for a tour of the ranch, on Our Wyoming Life. If you’ve been watching us for a while, you have been all over the ranch, from the barn Continue Reading

Winter Begins on the Ranch

Hi, I’m Mike and this week we woke up to find winter upon us, snow on the ground and freezing temperatures. As mother nature descends upon us with her inconsistent and two-faced personality, it’s time to get the ranch ready for winter. That means getting vehicles and tractors put away, Continue Reading


Okay, well let’s just keep the vlogs going shall we and so as you can see since my last Video that I did I’ve got so many Roses and I’ll try to flip it around and give you a show of how much It’s actually there now look at the Continue Reading

Rare Plant Survey on Thailand’s Tiger’s Nose — Plant One On Me — Ep 137

– [Narrator] In the last episode of “Plant One On Me”, Doctor Piyakaset showed us the botanical wonders of the Queen Sirikit Botanic Gardens. From the rare limestone plants, to the towering palms of the tropical rainforest house. But you learn so much more about a plant when you can Continue Reading

Lakeridge CT – Horses, Hiking and Gardening

Welcome to Lakeridge A year-round nature lovers community in Litchfield County, CT It’s your resort home in the Berkshire Foothills Lakeridge is surrounded by New England beauty, and opprtunities to enjoy the great outdoors are always within walking distance. The Lakeridge Stables is an amenity you won’t find anywhere else Continue Reading

Pink Panther for the Win! | 50 Minutes of Outwitting Opponents

(surf rock Pink Panther theme) ♪ ♪ (birds chirping) (rattling) (uplifting music) ♪ ♪ (rattle) ♪ ♪ AHH. ♪ ♪ (sniffing) AHH! AHH. (gagging) (thump) AHH. (bubbling) (exclamations) (giggling) both: YAH! (gagging and choking) (grunting) (groaning) (screaming) (gagging) (eerie whispering) (gasping and gagging) (gasping) (truck horn blaring) (buzzing) (giggling) BAH-AH-AH-AH. Continue Reading