Manila – Gensan – Sarangani Paragliding | PHILIPPINES

We’re gonna go up there Ok, let’s do this! Hahahaha Oh my God, I’m so nervous But I look cool ! Yeah Yea, haha Wish me luck ! Give me a sign ! Now ? Ohh wowowow ! I thought it’s gonna be scary It is ! Maraaa !! Hi, Continue Reading

ICE SKATING History in SM GenSan: Cool Summer!

This is the SM Ice Skating Rink for Summer! Cue in Vlog Intro: Pop Music (Stay) Yes, it’s literally ice. – Gensan already has Ice Skating here. I thought I heard “Ice Candy” “They have *ice candy* here.” Then my camera suddenly slips. Thankyou! We’ll be inviting Gensan Youtubers. Everyone Continue Reading