#180sec Köln: Aggressive Inline-Skating mit Matwej

This is Cologne Cathedral. It’s famous for the skaters that used to be here. In 2011 they made the whole area unskateable. They put in notches that are called ‘grindstoppers’, so that we couldn’t skate here anymore. Ever since the grindstoppers were fitted we can’t do grinds here anymore. You Continue Reading

Hiking Differences: GERMANY VS. USA

Hey everyone! Dana here. And Stefan. And today we are in Germany, hiking in the Alps and talking about some of the differences that we’ve noticed in hiking in Germany and the U.S. Okay, so where have we been hiking? In Germany we have been hiking in the Alps mostly. Continue Reading

Dresden like a local… Active-Vlog w/Patricia On Ice – Shawne & Shawn Channel TakeOver

Icecreeeam… What’s up, guys? Today we are going dragon boating on the Elb River. It’s gonna be super exciting, we got a local team right behind us getting ready on the boats. And yeah we’re gonna join them today for a bit of their training. Yeah and it’s super weird, Continue Reading

Too Old For This Shit – Aggressive Inline Skating

What I really like about inline skating is all the dynamic the direct feeling of moving feeling the rolls beneath your feet and especially the jumps that feeling of flying for a short moment… you kind of get a feeling of freedom in that moment and that’s just a lot Continue Reading

Skate World: Germany

[MUSIC PLAYING] CHRIS PFANNER: Hamburg still has a good scene, you know? Like a lot of good skaters from Germany come from here with the skate hall tours. So during the winter they have a lot of opportunities to skate. You don’t have that often in many German cities. It’s Continue Reading

The Fastest Bike in the World

this formula for bicycles you are as fast as a normal we are trying to push the limits of what’s humanly possible Chanel for van comm misters over stick aboard inside and a global easy one year this year pollution beyond rice is my yard Antonio try and align on Continue Reading

Childern’s horse riding in Deiderode. Lessons of life

– What? – I have always dreamed of a place for kids to just show them how one can live side by side with the animals side by side with the horses. Lessons of life Children’s horse riding in Deiderode For me, it was very much important that kids… you Continue Reading