CBD & SPORT – Horseriding: Dressage Rider About The Benefits Of CBD by Supmedi – CBD & Paardrijden

I’m Esmee van Veen, 18yrs old and I’m a professional Dutch Dressage rider This is Featherlight, she’s 9yrs old and I trained her myself till this level, we compete now at the Inter1 dressage level And we’re now training towards the Grand Prix In horse sports the harmony between rider Continue Reading

How Do I Get My Horse To Canter On the Correct Lead? (Student Lesson) (DMA TV Ep261)

So Lori’s been coming for a couple of lessons and especially when she first came, she really really struggled to get the correct lead on her gorgeous horse. What’s your horse’s name again? Jet, and Jet raced? No, so he’s a thoroughbred but he’s not an ex-racehorse but he did Continue Reading