GoPro Snow: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 2 WYOMING: Life on Mars

Men.>>This way.>>There you go. The mother of all bowls. Only took 15 years of searching for it.>>The things Travis looking at, riding with him, I probably wouldn’t have looked at that. Nobody In the world rides like Trav.>>Dropping in five, four, three, two, one. Trav is dropping. I think one Continue Reading

Paragliding World Cup 2015 – Baixo Guandu/ES – Episode 05

Very fun. I made a good result and I gained enough experience to other competitions. Amazing, the shortest task had almost seventy kilometers So much flying. Today was amazing . These large clouds , thermal 5- to 6 meters per second Magic. Great experience. Much learning. Whole different level. The Continue Reading

Skiing Powder Is Fun, With Friends It’s Even More Fun I #6 Snowmads On The Road

Hi there, we’re in Kaunertal [Austria] with the Snowmads gang. We’re here with Jules, Roman, Neil, Moggä, Breiti. Yeah. We’re going on a ski tour. Morning, man! The vibe is right! We’ll make some eggs with avocado. Coffee! Nom nom nom nom! Alright boys. Nice to ski with you, guys. Continue Reading

Dogs love to swim in pools

[dog squeals]We call it the doggie paddle,and it’s been taking place for the last three seasons.It’s been really successful.One of the guards said one day, “why don’t we do this?”So at the end of the year, there’s no more peopleswimming in the pool, we’re just going to get ridof the Continue Reading

Hiking The Great Wall of China

Hiking The Great Wall of China by [email protected] The Great Wall of China is a series of defending walls made of stone and tamped earth. The first walls are built in the 7th century BC. The Great Wall is built for defending against nomadic groups in the north. The existing Continue Reading

GoPro Snow: The Fourth Phase with Travis Rice – Ep. 1 ALASKA: Seek & Destroy

That was heavy.>>That was heavy.>>I was just hanging from the skid.>>There’s an overhanging. Let’s move down. Holy shit, dude. Let’s work. The things Trav was looking at riding with him, I probably wouldn’t have looked at that. Nobody in the world rides like Trav.>>Four, three, two, one, board is dropping. Continue Reading

Hiking To Laurel Falls In The Great Smoky Mountains National Park Gatlinburg Tennessee

If you’re thinking about doing the Laurel Falls Trail– do it! We’re at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s beautiful! I’m hoping we don’t see a bear, and Stan’s hoping that we see a bear. So, were on opposite ends of that bear hunt scale there. I want to Continue Reading

Julie’s Review-Salomon QST Lux 92 Skis

Hi I’m Julie, I just got off the Salomon Lux 92. I give this ski a 5 out of 5 star rating. I thought it was an excellent ski for somebody that is looking for a very versatile all-mountain ski that is light and lively. At 92 under the foot Continue Reading

Hiking the 1000 steps near Mount Union, PA

If you happen to be in the south-central region of Pennsylvania and you’re looking for an interesting place to hike, you might want to pay a visit to the thousand steps. The trailhead for the thousand steps is located on route 22 about two miles west of Mount Union. This Continue Reading