The Skater Boi of Ranikot

Hello there! My name is Irfan and i get to travel a lot, for work. but this a story about time I traveled for myself and for my friends Before the story goes on, you need to meet some people and… *cough* the Poster was torn and the Hero emerged Continue Reading

Air Swimmers eXtreme Clownfish Assembly Instructions – EN, IT & SL Captions

AIR SWIMMERS ASSEMBLY VIDEO Welcome to the Air Swimmers assembly video! Congratulations on your purchase of an Air Swimmer the insanely fun, fully-maneuverable remote control flying fish! This video will take you step by step through the easy assembly process so you can get your Air Swimmer flying in no Continue Reading



the best winter activity there is close to croc is only 1 hour and 40 minutes away take a metro to either Florence or tarry must and from there to take a bus up till liver and after you get to live in its you got to find yourself number Continue Reading

How to make a hiking stick from a PVC pipe

Hi and welcome to another episode of Great Cove Adventure Films. Today I have a project I want to show you – I’m going to show you how you can make a hiking stick from a PVC pipe. This is a 1 inch PVC pipe, and it’s the schedule 40 Continue Reading

How to Skate Bowls – Guide to Pumping, Carving, and Maintaining Speed

My name is Justin Lauria, and today I’m going to show you the basics of riding a skateboard in bowls and pools. So, before we get started, first take a moment to check your trucks and make sure that they’re loose enough to be skating in a bowl. You can Continue Reading

Sports of the Paralympic Winter Games: Cross-Country Skiing

Para cross-country skiing is a snow sport where athletes with physical and vision impairments race long distance across a variety of terrains. The sport made its Paralympic debut at the 1976 Paralympic Winter Games in Ornskoldsvik, Sweden. Finland, Norway and Russia hold the most Paralympic medals for cross-country skiing. Cross-country Continue Reading

How To Improve Your Swimming Stroke Technique ft. Coach Jack Bauerle | Olympians’ Tips

Hi, I’m Jack Bauerle, Olympic swimming coach. And I’m here to help you with some of your swimming needs. Everything that we’ll be doing here today has been practised umpty-ump times by our swimmers, so it becomes second nature and basically motor memory. Looking at the fly stroke right here. Continue Reading

Takanakuy: Fistfighting in the Andes

[INTRO PLAYING] [CHEERING IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Hi. It’s Thomas. We’re in the Peruvian Andes. It’s the day before Christmas. All these guys are about to go beat the shit out of each other. It’s called Takanakuy. [CHEERING AND MUSIC IN FOREIGN LANGUAGE] THOMAS MORTON: Takanakuy is a giant Continue Reading