TRON GIRL! Key of Awesome #25

Here we go again , here we go yo , here we go yo Ow Ow That really hurts ow ow Seriously stop that hurts ah Jocks love high school but for me it’s a prison Do you always have to hassle me right when I’m whizzin? Yeah, I know Continue Reading

Family Guy – Peter joins the rodeo

Good afternoon. I’m diane Simmons in traffic news. Heavy Gridlock on the 195 interchange We now go live to drunk Billy in the channel 5 Newscopter This just in Channel 5 Newscopter pilot drunk Billy passed away today In anticipation of this event we put together a clip package featuring Continue Reading

Family Guy – Retarded Horse

[now] where have you been [you] left for the market six hours ago. Did you get the beans LOuis? I got something better. [you] know how you always wanted a real diamond engagement ring. Oh my God. That’s right I bought a horse You bought a horse. [why’d] I have Continue Reading