We SKIPPED SCHOOL and Went Skiing!!

(bright, cheerful music) – [Marissa] It’s hard! Guys, we got in the car, water bottle turned into ice! – [Brookie] Guys, it is 14 degrees. – [Marissa] Arr. – [Brookie] We made it! (bright, cheerful music) – [Both] Hey guys! – I’m Marissa. – I’m Brookie. – And today we Continue Reading


Hello *intro music* How are you guys watch this great video intro music intro music intro music top ten worst skate accidents ever GO SUBSCRIBE DaeDae & TreyGivens OD Top ten worst skate accidents ever whats going on fellow members of the joog squad I hope you guys have had Continue Reading

I Filled my Swimming Pool with GIANT SNAKES!! **scary**

i don’t think I’m ready for this man. I don’t think you guys are ready as well because as you can see by the title. We are filling my swimming pool with the giant snakes, so yeah. I figured it was time for another one of those super crazy Faze Continue Reading

Chinese Wonder Woman riding a horse to attack the enemy!Guerrilla soldier 30

Sir Those bandits and guerrilla forces joint together and they went up to the hill with guerrilla forces Asshole those bandits are guerrilla forces’ savers Yep, they may be Sir Boss What’s going on the informant got from scouts there’s a bunch of enemies down the hill, heading to us Continue Reading

A Horse Lovers Dream Property For Sale (Home On 40 Acres In Cass County, IL)

Tucked away deep in the heart of God’s country sits a rare one-of-a-kind property that can best be described as every horse lovers dream. Carved into the countryside of Cass County, Illinois awaits a 40 acre property well known locally as Ghost Hollow Ranch. Situated within walking distance of Jim Continue Reading

[Agra News] Horse Riding Show and Para Motors being organized under Taj Mahotsav / THE NEWS INDIA

With the launch of the 27th edition of the Taj Mahotsav, this time for the first time, band display, horse riding show and para motors are being organized by NCC cadets under the festival. With the launch of the 27th edition of the Taj Mahotsav, this time for the first Continue Reading