According To Kids | Figure Skating | CBC Kids

DASH IEN:Figure Skating.VALENTINA:According To Kids.Figure skating… Figure skating is… You have to go on ice. So you’re like dancing on ice. ♪♪♪ NALINI:They have to do specific jumps.Sow-wow, cow-wow, show-wow, crow-wow. (LAUGHS) Triple shalchow is… They make a noise of a cow… (MOOS) They shine a flashlight on the ceiling. Continue Reading

Suspect a Concussion on the Ice? What Should You Do?

Hi, I’m Dr. Mike Evans, and this… this is Locker Room Doctor. [goal buzzer] [narrator] In this episode, Dr. Alun Ackery gives us some tips to recognize a possible concussion on the ice, and the single most important thing to do if we suspect one. [loud thud] [birds singing in Continue Reading

Rafa Bocanegra: “Cuando estoy en el patín veo la vida de forma diferente” | PROGRAMA 5 | Héroes

(Music) The other day we were here for a while… Yeah. And it’s really cool. It’s like a downhill… “IN COOPERATION WITH YOUFIRST CONTENT” (Noises) (LAUGHS) (Noises) I’m totally freezing, God. (Electronic music) (VOICEOVER) Defining skating is pretty complicated. (Music) (VOICEOVER) For different people it can be a sport, a Continue Reading

Basic Hiking Tips & Techniques : How to Prepare for a Hiking Trip

Hi, now I’m going to talk about preparation for your first hike. Let’s check out some of the things you’re going to need. You’re going to need a good water bottle. I like to use these because they’re really sturdy and they hold a lot of water. Also, you could Continue Reading

Skiing with Rhythm and Flow.

Adding rhythm and flow to your skiing is easier then you think. one you have mastered parallel skiing and have a well-timed pole plant you can start to gain rhythm and flow imagen you have a wall either side of you, turn every time you are about to hit that Continue Reading